I will teach you how to draw a group of buildings from a simple aerial viewpoint.




Hi! everyone!
Are you happy to draw illustrations?
I enjoy drawing too!

Now, I will teach you how to draw a simple building or a group of buildings using the perspective function "2-point perspective".

I will teach you how to draw a group of buildings from an aerial viewpoint that you often see in TV dramas and movies.

However, although it is easy to draw, it is "troublesome" to draw like last time.
If you overcome that "troublesome" feeling, you will get closer to the illustration you want!

Please watch the video.
At that time, I think that it will be easier to understand more deeply if you watch it using YouTube's "automatic subtitle function".
Thank you very much.

Thank you for watching until the end.

I'm still not as attracted to painting as other people, but I'm still working hard.

I have been working as an illustrator since last year.
I was able to become an illustrator through hard work.
I think you can become a more attractive illustrator than I am!
Let's do our best together!

Let's meet again next time!
thank you very much!



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