Name practice method using animation


■ Definition of manga
1 All comics are variants of four-frame cartoon

2 The expression of manga is based on animation

■ The basics of creating names
1 idea
Expand neta into four-frame cartoon

2 expressions
One piece
Memorize animation -> storyboard -> film books in bulk.

Anime's film book is the most easy name to animate.
An easy-to-animate name → easy-to-read, easy-to-understand name

Manga of a person who can draw a storyboard is easy to understand movement.
Tezuka Osamu, Miyazaki Hayao, Shiro Masamune, Katsuhiro Otomo

[Good picture of manga] skill is not [Good as illustration]
It means that you can draw [a storyboard].

■ Showa's Manga Name Practice Act

Record TV anime on a radio cassette

Play TV anime while watching film book

【Scene of animation → frame of film book】 are collected as one image

Any anime scene can be reflexively converted to a name.
Because I did not have a video deck, I kept memorizing the animation scenes with movement.
Since rebroadcasting was repeated many times, it was commonplace for those who wished to be a cartoonist at the time to draw a storyboard of an animation scene only by memorization.



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