Idea · Plot Maker


What to prepare
① White board
② Book stand
③ Magnet
④ memo paper

Place the whiteboard on the bookstand to make a desktop whiteboard.
Desktop whiteboards are expensive, but materials can be made with similar material with all materials at 100 yen shop.
Work efficiency improves by making multiple.

On memo paper

① It can express in text but keeps it always visible
Story setting
A case
Decision motive
Hint for reversing

② Things hard to understand without inserting pictures
Primary character image
Human relationship chart
Stage Background Pro also in the novel will not know where the character is
Battle scene
Wounded area

Writing and connecting in a causal relationship.
I can summarize the idea and plot it.

Collect them in a frame card and expand it in units of four-frame cartoon.

Although there are mind map software, etc. It is most efficient to use the memo paper at the idea / plot stage after all.



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