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In this tutorial I’ll show you the basics on how to use Clup Studio Paint rulers

Video Tutorial

In this video I’ll show the basics of using Clip Studio Paint rulers, I hope this is helpful!


Adding a ruler in layer

You can find rulers in the "tool bar" that is in the thin bar on the left side.

If you don't have it, go on Window > Tool

The ruler tool is the triangle, and when you click it, you can see that there are a lot of options

To use a ruler, just click on it, select what you want in Sub Tool (if you don’t have this window, go to Window > Sub tool) and use it on the canvas.

Ruler in the canvas

A ruler is an object, so to move/select/change it, use the object tool.

When you add a ruler, you can see that in the "layer window", has appeared an icon on the layer

That means one or more ruler has been added in that layer.

If you right click on that icon, some options will appear.

You'll find similar options also on the top of the "layer window"

Show in all layers: it will show the ruler in every layers you create

Show in a folder: it will show the ruler in every layers in the same folder a the ruler layer is

Show in target layer: it will show the ruler only in the layer with the ruler.

Draw along ruler: when you click it, I'll open a window, you can change line width and anti-aliasing

Link to guide: when you create guides, this option will link the ruler to the guides (that usually stay still) so you can move it around

You can draw with any brush, just be near it and it will follow the ruler.

If you draw far away, it will not affect it.

If it is still not working, it's maybe disabled.

You can change it in the option "snap" (and you can do it with also with brushes, patterns etc...)

1. Go on the “Tool Property” window (if you don’t have it, on the top bar click Window > Tool Property)

2. Click on the key icon

3. The “Sub Tool Detail” window will open

4. Click the “Snap”

Or click on the button on the top bar this one with the triangle

Types of rules

Linear ruler

In “tool property” you can click on "scale" and it will create a ruler scaled

“Snap angle“ if you set to 45, when you hold “shift” while you creating the ruler, it make it perfectly vertical, horizontal, and inclined by 45°



1. Scale not check

2. px

3. cm

4. mm

5. in

6. pt

7. Q

8. Equal division

9. Golden ration (it will divide the ruler according to the length of the ruler)

8. Equal division


You can change the in how many part the ruler is divided in “Number of divisions“

In the "tool property" you can also change it and make it

1. Quadratic bezier

2. Cubic bezier

Curve ruler

Click on the canvas and you can do any points you want. To stop it, quick double click.


In the tool property window you can change the shape, but also you can select “close line” that will close the figure

1. Without “close line” before double click

2. Without “close line” after double click

3. With “close line” before double click

4. With “close line” after double click

Figure ruler

In the tool property you can find 3 shapes, squre, circle and exagon

If you hold “shift” it’ll be a perfect shape

You can choose to “Adjust the angle after fixed” by checking the option in the Tool Property


Also, for the square and the exagon, you can choose to rouund the corner (aand they are so cute!)


“Star from center” allow you to create the figure from the center of it, and it’s really useful if you already have a point in the canvas that have to be where the center of the figure is!

1. Without roundess

2. With round corner

Ruler pen

Ruler Pen is amazing! You can create any shape you want, by drawing it

I’ve selected the letter R with the object tool, and as you can see there a lot of points. You can move it as you wish!

In the tool property you can choose to

“Create at editing layer” it will create the ruler on the same layer you are in, if you uncheck it, it’ll create automatically another layer


“Post correction” it’s for making the lines less shaky

Special Ruler

In the tool property, you can see a lot of option for the special rulers.

When you create one, you can see that now you can draw on the rulers, but also outside of it, the line you draw will follow the ruler!


This is perfect for line of action like in manga, and you can create any shapes that to the variety on the list!

But you will notice that when you create a new ruler on the same canvas, the first one you created becomes green. That’s because you cannot use 2 special ruler at the same time.


Use the object tool and click on one ruler

1 and 4 are the same, these allow you to change the direction of the ruler

2. This cross will allow you to move your ruler

3. this enable or disable the ruler, so when you click it, you can see it become purple!


You can see that you can create an infinite of this!


And as you can see, when you draw on top of it it follow the ruler, while if you draw outside it doesn’t.

They are really useful when you want to do perfect division on your canvas

For me guides are really useful for creating pattern, here I’ve done a detailed tutorial and if you want you can also have the pattern I’ve created! ^^

Perspective ruler

This ruler it’s really useful when you want to check the perspective you’ve already done!


This is a box I’ve drawn really quickly:

When you you this perspective ruler, you need to remember that it’ll find the focal point. So you don’t have to use the vertical line, nor the horizontal, because this is with one point perspective (if more point, you will follow other lines)


As you can see, first the lines are grey:

And when you click, there you go! The perspective ruler is created!

I lower the opacity and make the sketch blue, I draw with the perspective ruler, and as you can see the perspective it’s way better!

This ruler is actual one of the option. Clip Studio Paint has other rulers and if you want, in this tutorial I’ve explained other perspective rulers in detail!

And here, I’ve written the basics of perspective

Simmetrical ruler

Simmetrical ruler are beautiful! They are like a mirror, and you can chose for how many times you want it to be repeated!

- Number of lines: change this to make more or less repetition


- Line symmetry: if selected, the ruler will reflect from the line, otherwise it will be from the opposite


- Snap angle: if you select (or not select but holding shift) it will move the ruler according to the degrees written (45 it will make perfect vertical and horizontal)


Create at editing layer: when selected it will create the ruler right on the layer you’re on. If deselected, it’ll automatically create a new layer

Here a some sketches as example with different line numbers:

P.S. I love creating snow flakes (I suggest you to use 12 lines for this!) it’s so relaxing 😊


And also you can create lovely pattern in no time!


Thanks for reading this far! I hope you have found the tutorial helpful!


And it’s a long time by now I’m trying to do video tutorial with voice, this is the first one I publish ^^

I hope it was ok! What do you think about it?


Have a beautiful day ♥



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