Drawing eyes and expressions




Hi, it's Nadia!


In this tutorial I'll show you how to draw eyes and how to give expressions and emotions

Eyes construction

As you know, the eyes are in a sphere shape and they sit in the eye socket of the skull.


So when you draw them, even if you drawing style it's not realistic, keep in mind that it they are based as a sphere and that the skin lay on them accordingly.


1 is the eye seen from 3/4

2 is the eye on profile


A the eye is more realist, so I've added some more details

B the eye is more simplified with less detail

In the beginning it may be difficult drawing the sphere directly


So you can use Clip Studio "Material Primitive"


That you can find on the top bar Window > Material > Material [Material Primitive]


Select the sphere and drag it into the canvas

With the Object tool, you can move, change size and rotate the sphere

Practice to draw sphere with this, so later you'll have it in your mind ^^

1 Eyes are on the height of the top of ears and until the middle

2 The distance of the eye is equal so it means you could fit 3 eyes one near the other

3 You can draw a circle as to remember where the eye socket is

4 Use the top of the circle as guide line for eyebrows and the other space for the eyes



This is an example of a head in 3/4


Whenever you draw somenthing, you need to put them in perspectve, otherwise it will seem flat


If you need help with basic perspective, I've made this tutorial if it could help ^^

1 Draw the circle to have a guide line of the eye socket

2 Use the top of the circle to draw eyebrows

3 Draw eyes in perspective

You can add details as the eyelid so it seems more realistic


To make sure you draw all part in the right place, try to imagine a mask around the eyes


If everything follows it, it'll seems more fluid

When drawing expressions, draw eyes a little bit closed (using upper or lower or both eyelids) so you can give a more realistic feel to see the emotions ^^

Shapes of eyes

Make them little, big, square, round, almond shapes, droopy... And use references!!


And do you remember when I've said that the distance between the eyes has to be equal? Well... Not for everyone!! ^^ Play with that distance as well to give more details to your character!!


Also, be sure to draw for every character different eyebrows, if you want them to pop out from others character ^^


Line B they seems eyes for older character because I've drawn them little and I've added those two little lines under the eyes as if they are wrinkles

You can really play with all shapes and size you like!! And look how it changes just buy adding eyelids ^^

Thank you for have read until here! I hope this was helpful ^^



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