Steampunk: Creating gears and pipes!




Hi all! So excited to be making this tutorial! If you’re insterested in the world of steampunk but unsure how to create gears ? I hope you find this tutorial useful!

Happy creating!


All artworks belongs to me. If you want more of my art, I’m on instagram! Link in profile.

Brush Settings

In this tutorial, I rely heavily on a default Clip Studio brush. You can follow, but its optional.

You can use any texture based brushes, the purpose of that is to create “dirt” and “grime”.

Clipping mask

I use alot of clipping mask (which helps me alot whenever I do any type of painting) To make sure it follows the shape of layer its clipping to. Here’s how I do it:

A gif demonstration below

Snapping tools and rulers

Here’s a good tutorial on how to use rulers effectively!

Now let’s begin!

Understanding materials

Steampunk utilizes alot of gears and pipes and heavy machinery. But first we need to understand these heavy machinery are made of metal and overall giving a metal like feel. Some of these metals are heavily used.


Stains like oil, and water steam dropping onto the object also creates a realistic tone to your drawings.

Lets try creating this pipe!

Here’s a gif on how I made it:


Metals and pipes usually have very low reflection, so don’t over do it with the highlights unless the material is very very new! Over here I’m creating a somewhat old pipes. :)

And there you have it! How to draw/paint pipes with these simple steps!

Let's make gears!

Gears are one of many main highlights of steampunk! From appearing inheavy machineries to work, to a simple clock, gears would elevate the steampunk features in your artwork!


Let’s make them!

Remember! Use “Snap to…” according to the the rulers your’re using!

Enjoy creating some gears! Here’s some examples of gears I’ve made with the technique used!

You can also draw nuts and bolts with this technique!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried doing this!

Thank you for reading so far ! I hope you enjoy this little tutorial on how to draw gears and pipes with some Clip Studio tools!


I had tonnes of fun thinking of how to draw gears and bolts and also pipes effectively and this is super fun and you can also adjust to however you like!!


Thank you for reading this far and trying!



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