How to make color doesn't look boring




First, sorry if the image caption is not in english, I will try to explain it.

So this post is how do I pick my color so it doesn’t look boring this is my way to choose color without any blending mode on the layer.

This is the area where I pick my base color. Not too saturated, and not too close to black.

Let’s try blue as the base color and to pick your shading and lighting try to slide your color wheel. This time, I’m trying to pick violet and green.

after you slide the color wheel, try to pick other color that have lighter or darker value than your base.

Try to blend the color, and this is how it’s done. I like to give my drawing some orange and blue airbrush

This is the other example of color to find color match with sliding the color wheel

I’m just trying to familiarize with how to post tips in clip studio, I will make it better next time. But thanks for reading, hope it can be usefull~



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