How to dress your OC





Back with me and now I’m gonna tell you how I dress my OC, this is webtoon purpose .

We’re talking about webtoon character right now, so it’s very related to their background, personality, the place they’re live in, etc. Cause it’s not a fantasy story where the character keep using the same clothes for entire time.


They’re so many genre of webtoon where it takes different era on each story. If you make historical manhwa, then your character must be dressing the way the society dress at that time. Imagine, your character coming to a dance ball…

And your character dress like this

it’s so weird and very illogical. why would someone with tech wear coming to a dance ball? Please dress your character the way it’s era dress code.


Where your character live is also determine their way of clothing. For example, you are an american who want to write a story with asian background. Please do some research first, cause even in term of clothing, they’re different.

Turtleneck, hoodie, coat, we never see someone who lives in hot and dry area wear that. So please, make a really good background about you OC first before choosing their fashion.


If you make a fantasy story, then it’s good for you cause u’re the one that make the world and the culture

Fashion Category

fashion categories here is the fashion your character wear by their activity. For example they wanna sleep, then dont make them wear a sportwear.


I’ve seen a webtoon where they attend a formal event but the character wear a casual clothes. Don’t do this guys, if it’s you, you wont do that right?

Fashion style

Each person have their own taste of clothing. Your character is like that too. Determine what they like to wear, what color they love, and what kind of accessories they like, etc

With this your character will stay on character, and their fashion style will visible. The only skin my character will show is only head,arm,and leg. she will never show her belly. So i will never draw her wearing a crop top or a tank top

3 dominant color

Choose your character fashion design with maximum 3 color. Choose the color wisely too. I prefer choosing the color that close to one another.

And then, draw the character by the point I explain before. I’m not showing the step by step here, if you wanna see the process come and watch my video on youtube.


because this is design for modern webtoon, their clothes changing each day.


I think that’s it for this time, see ya~



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