How to use 3D model character to draw webtoon faster




How to draw webtoon panel faster using clip studio 3D model.


Have you guys ever wonder, how can this 50-80 panel of manhwa can release each week regularly?. It can happen if you work with a studio but what if you work by all of yourself? From a blank page, till it becoming like this?!



Well, you can use Clip studio 3D model.

Just go to window, scroll and search material, and click the 3D material bar.

You can also use quick access window tool too by clicking this.



For example, I wanna use this male body figure. Click those male body figure, and drag it to your canvas, and it will become like this.

There are so many ways to change this 3D model pose.

1. Change by your own preference

You can change the pose by clicking the item you wanna change, for example by clicking the head and rotate it as you like. It's takes lot of time to make your own pose, so i only using this way if I don't have any templates.

2. Using Clip studio template

You can also change the pose by the template pose you have, go to 3D model sub tabs, go to pose, and drag that pose to your character. The pose will changing as you blink. You can also search some template pose in clip studio material asset, there are so many of them.



3. Hand Scanner camera

Since 2.0 update, Clip studio 3D model can use your camera scanner for it hand pose.

4. Image scanner

You can use image scanner too, but it’s still not perfect yet and not accurately follow the image.

5. Posemaniacs

I think, this is the best use to change this 3D model pose. Since 3.0 update, Clip studio can integrate pose maniacs model to your 3D clip studio model.


Do it by clicking this. Choose the posemaniacs, and you will go to posemaniacs web. Find any pose that you want, and open it on your clip studio. Remember guys, this only work for clip studio 3.0

3D head model

Not only that, Clip studio also provide head only 3D model. This is a good model.

You can use this in many ways, go to your head model setting, and change the face model pose as you like, for example



You can also change it's facial features, click any face feature you want to change, and change it as you like.



Not only that, you can also change the head pose. Click this, and change the parameter. You can make a head tilt, changing it's angle, etc.

Use it for making your webtoon character faster

Now, you have your 3D model, and no need to do anymore sketch for your webtoon. Of course it saving a lot of time. Do the same way by dragging the character, find it pose and camera angle, and apply It for each panel.

What’s next? Well just draw your line art. You already have this model as a sketch, you only need to draw above it. Draw your webtoon character by following the model, no need to follow it that much, us it as your own style.

I also have tips for some of you. I make my character head model at many angle by using 3D and copy them to my webtoon panel to make my work become faster. Is it cheating? of course not! it's my own drawing.

Let’s use Clip Studio 3D character model for efficiency and productivity



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