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Hey folks. It’s Astro Writer from BM7 Creations.  I’m giving a step by step tutorial on how I create a brilliant landscape in my comic/cartoonish style.

First, I bring up my custom made perspective grid before thumbnailing. (>Note< The Clip Studio Paint program already has perspective presets).

I start drawing what I want on the thumbnail while using perspective. A rough sketch, with nothing defined just yet.

Next step, I enlarge the thumbnail image with the selection tool.  After that I set up a different layer to pencil the drawing.

After penciling the city, I’m going to go with a few skecthes of the flying vehicles.  I use the perspective grid to get the right angles of the flying cars (also drawing additional cars in the foreground).

Next layer, line art.

Line art on the vehicles.

Next, I fill in the line work with grays and whites to get a grasp on where the shadows, lighting, and hues need to be. ( This is called gray scaling).

Next layer, I use the fill tool to color in the line work.

After making sooooo many flying cars, I decided to take some out.

Go to the layer panel and duplicate more of the filled in color panel.

On one of the colored layers try bluring  to give it a slight glow. Gaussian blur is what I use. Continue below, on the blending mode option press Add (Glow).

Now, don't blur all the color layers, only one. With multiple color layers on queue, try changing the opacity to at lease two, then move the layers away from one another to give it that bleeding out of the line-art technique.

From Clip Studio Assets, I’ve downloaded a material from the store to help give texture. Clip a texture onto the color layer and put the blending mode on Overlay (see results below).

To change the color filter, lighting and shadow. Go to the correction layer to set up color balance and hue/saturation/luminosity.

Finishing touches, I’m going to add a silhouetted figure, (for a dramatic effect).

Done. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. You can check out my other landscape art down below…  get inspired folks.


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