December 2021

Tips of the Month

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Out of the Tips posted between December 1, 2021 to January 5, 2022, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes for the 32nd round were Mouths, Lips, and Teeth, Layering for Beginners, and Holiday Card Illustrations. For Mouths, Lips, and Teeth, we received lots of posts explaining anatomy. Explaining Layers for Beginners had posts that didn’t just explain the features you might expect, like vectors and Blending modes, but also handy detailed how-tos on putting them to use - be sure to check them out! Holiday Card Illustrations gave us a lot of ideas on how to make innovative greeting cards for the festive season. We are now accepting submissions for January's themes and looking forward to your posts!

Video Award

  1. This video shows the creative process behind creating a Christmas card, using materials available on the Clip Studio ASSETS store and Clip Studio Paint functions. We enjoyed this 30-minute long video right to the end as it is thorough and goes through every point with care.
  2. This guide explains how to use layers in ways that beginners and even those more familiar with Clip Studio Paint might not even know. The author’s perspective was totally on point. Check out the video and guide for color correction techniques and shortcuts that artists who rely on keyboards should learn!

Gold Award

  1. This tutorial is for anyone looking to get started with digital art. It explains how layers work and how to use them - an essential piece of knowledge for any digital artist - and features easy-to-understand images and videos. Follow this guide, and you’ll never find yourself stuck with the basics!

Silver Award

  1. This guide explains everything about the functions of the Layer palette and how to set it up. In particular, the way it explains fill and gradient layers using full illustrations is easy to understand. It mainly features techniques that can be used for design and black-and-white comics, so any aspiring designers and comic artists should take note!
  2. This TIPS shows how to use layers in the process of making a Christmas card. The making-of format is easy to follow, and the artist makes great use of materials. We thought it would be an excellent guide for beginners to create something nice and festive for the holidays!
  3. This is a must-see TIPS for those trying out Clip Studio Paint for the first time. Each of the layer functions in the application is illustrated and explained in an easy-to-understand video. It was great to be able to immediately understand which functions to use and what effects they can actually produce.
  4. The various functions of layers are explained with sharp-looking animated gifs. Seeing the before and after of each effect made it a revelation to read. There are explanations of all sorts of elementary functions, so this is a great TIPS for beginners who want to use layer effects in their work!
  5. This tutorial introduces coloring techniques using blending modes, layer masks, and a basic how-to on layers. Some artists don't use blending modes and layer masks, but we can't stress enough that their usefulness is indispensable for digital artists! Take a look at this guide and see if you can apply its techniques to your work.
  6. With this TIPS, anyone can create a warm and fuzzy greeting card! The materials and functions you’re likely to use in creating your card are all introduced and presented in a way that makes them easy to try out. In particular, the way that vector layers and Image materials are used to polish off the decorative lettering was really interesting!

Bronze Award

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