January 2023

Tips of the Month

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The themes this time were Starting your own Webtoon and Drawing faces from different angles.Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We are looking forward to your entries!

Out of the Tips posted between Jan 6, 2023 to Jan 31, 2023, the creators of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

Video Award

  1. As it says in its title, this Tips is the Ultimate Guide on how to make a Webtoon. The author uses the know-how acquired from three years of Webtoon production & submission experience to describe the Webtoon creation process in-depth. We highly recommend using their experience as a reference if you want to create a Webtoon of your own.

Gold Award

  1. Clip Studio Paint has many useful functions for creating Webtoons. This guide introduces a selection of the most useful ones. Take advantage of these and pick up some of the features the creator wished they knew when starting a Webtoon.
  2. This tutorial uses a cute mascot to introduce how to create a webtoon. The content is especially good for those who want to start making a webtoon. The creator takes great care to introduce the preparatory stages needed before creating a comic, such as character design.

Silver Award

  1. This tutorial compares Clip Studio Paint PRO and EX and introduces useful features for starting a webtoon. The introduction of features based on the author's creative experience was an interesting read, as it clearly shows how they make use of Clip Studio Paint.
  2. This Tips shows how to create, export, and post files. The article and video provide a clear explanation of how to use Companion Mode to check how your Webtoon looks on a smartphone. The video is 10 minutes long, and we recommend watching it together while reading through the article.
  3. From how to use Clip Studio Paint for Webtoon production, such as creating speech balloons, coloring methods, and custom brushes, to how to direct a scene, this tutorial is straightforward and easy to understand. Each of the nine tips is packed with helpful information!
  4. This article shows how to draw a character's face from various angles by using features such as symmetry rulers and grids. In addition to the author's techniques, they recommend Clip Studio Assets materials that allow you to instantly try the same methods.
  5. Based on the artist's experience, this tutorial introduces the necessary details to make a Webtoon, from canvas creation to export and what points to pay attention to. You can find even more details on everything in the video!
  6. If you ever found yourself thinking, "I want to try creating a Webtoon!" this is the Tips for you! It provides practical advice based on the artist's experience as a Webtoon creator, and explains how to prepare yourself to be one as well. In addition to the article, the included video is also clear and very well put together.
  7. This article has a clear flow to it that is easy to grasp. It first introduces the workflow required to make a webtoon and then goes through each step of the process. In addition to showing how to preview and upload images, it also covers other key points, such as how to add text and apply color.

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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