Using halftone dots (screentones) to enhance your images!





Screentones (halftone dots) are a crucial element when drawing black-and-white comics or manga.

After applying a tone layer in Clip Studio Paint, you can change the density, number of lines, type of halftone dots, etc.

※ Tone layer and tone conversion cannot be used in DEBUT.


How to download             

① Select the area you wish to paste tone with the [Auto Select] tool.


② You can adjust the number of lines and density by clicking [New tone] from the [Selection range launcher] menu displayed under the selection area.


③ The pasted tone can be modified with a pen, eraser, etc.


There is also a function to convert color or grayscale areas into screentones. Screentones also look great for design work.


For details on how to paste tone, please refer to this article.


For information on applying tone, please take a look at this article.



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