12. Finishing Touches (3): Extra Details on the Characters



Looking at the balance of the whole piece, I’ll add more details to any elements that seem to be missing something, and adjust the colors.

[1] Cheshire Cat

I thought that the face was a little lacking in personality, so I’ll add a moustache.

I create a new layer and paint in the whiskers on the Cheshire Cat. I make a Cheshire Cat folder and move all the layers in here.

[2] Scattered cards

I’ll add outlines in colors that match with the overall color scheme.

① I drag the “scattered cards” folder onto the “New Raster Layer” icon on the layer palette to duplicate it.

② I select all the layers in the folder, then right-click and select [Merge selected layers] to merge the folder into a single layer.

③ I select the folder’s layer mask and drag it over the combined layer.

④ I select the layer and press the “Apply Mask to Layer” button on the [Layer] palette.

⑤ I move the created layer under the original folder and delete the duplicated folder.

⑥ I blur the layer by going to the [Filter] menu > [Blur] > [Gaussian blur].

⑦ I add a fill layer on top and set it to “Clip at layer below”. Then I move the layer into the cards folder.

I add some highlights where the light hits.

[3] Mushroom

Since there was only one type of mushroom, I changed the shape of the mushrooms in the background to add more variation.

[4] Jabberwocky

I blur and overlap the line art, then change the color of the lines.

I also add a pattern on the Jabberwocky’s wings. I use the same method as for the flags in the first half.

I create a checkered pattern and deform it according to the shape of the wings.

Then I fade out the pattern with the [Eraser] tool > [Soft] depending on the brightness of the surroundings.

I’ve now finished all the individual elements.



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