Pan art like sketched with colored pencils




Introduces the making of pan art like sketching with colored pencils using brushes and textures.

Brush texture introduction

We introduce two brushes and one texture used for making. -------------------------------------------

1 chalk brush

This is the default brush that comes in the Krista from the beginning.

[Tool] Pastel → [Sub Tool] It is classified into chalk.

-------------------------------------------2 pencil brushes + 3 textures


▽ We will use it from among this set. ▽

Pencil brush "▼ × pencil seamless"

Texture "pencil shakashaka"


Drawing chart

Software used: Clip Studio Paint EX

Canvas size: 1000 × 1000 px / 800 × 1000 px, 350 dpi

1) Draw a silhouette

First of all, I draw the image of the silhouette of bread I want to draw.

The shape does not have to be elaborate, so it is free to draw with a pen, or with a throwing tool and a bucket fill.

2) Catch the white part of bread

Add a new layer and clip it.

Apply the color of the unburned part of the pan to the new layer.

It is okay if this is not a careful paint.

3) blur the border

Combine the layers after blurring and blending the boundaries.

4) Follow the contour with a chalk brush

Select Pastel from the tools and use the subtool's chalk brush to trace the outline of the pan. The color should be slightly darker than the fill color.


【Setting of brush】 (※ It is use with default setting)

5) overlay the texture

Put the texture "pencil shakashaka" introduced,

Change from clipping to overlay and merge layers.

It has become like a colored pencil.


6) Add a touch

Add a touch using a pencil brush.


Pen tool setting / pencil "▼ × pencil seamless" (※ We use with default setting)


Even if the brush size is reduced, it is possible to describe the writing taste that remains unique to pencils.

It is recommended to draw with a thin line.



You can express as if you drew with a colored pencil if you stroke with a short touch so as to wrap with awareness of the roundness of the bread.


Baked beautifully ♪

7) Draw various breads

I will try to draw various breads based on baked bread.


Similar to pan, outlines are drawn using a chalk brush and touches are drawn using a pencil brush.

I used a pencil brush after painting lightly with a chalk brush for the part that I felt that the paint was not enough.


Shadow addition

Add highlight


Thank you for reading.

I hope that it will be a reference for fun drawing.



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