Color confirmation for color printing ・ "CMYK"


Hello everyone.
This time, I will introduce how to select and check colors for printing when making books and goods using digitally drawn color illustrations.

"RGB" and "CMYK"

There are two ways to represent colors: "RGB" and "CMYK".

Illustrations drawn digitally are "RGB"
Red = red
Green = green
Blue = blue

By mixing the above three colors, a wide range of colors are expressed and displayed in the video.

On the other hand, in color printing, "CMYK"
Cyan = cyan
Magenta = Magenta
Yellow = yellow
Key plate = key plate (plate for black ink)

Printing is done using the above four colors of ink.

Compared to CMYK, RGB has a wider range of color expression, so
Colors that could be expressed in RGB may not be expressed in CMYK.

In particular, it is difficult to reproduce highly saturated colors such as "blue" and "green", so the colors tend to look dull.

Convert RGB data to CMYK

Now, let's check how much difference actually exists by using the CLIP STUDIO PAINT function.

This is a normal digital illustration.
Considering printing, the resolution is 350dpi.
I chose works with high saturation of blue and green so that the difference can be easily understood.
(The theme is the universe!)

From the menu bar, select View (V) → Color Profile (Q) → Preview Settings (S).

From the "Profile to preview (C)" tab on the color profile preview screen
Select "CMYK: Japan Color 2001 Coated" and press OK.

Then, you can check the color when it is displayed in "CMYK".
If you compare it, you can see that the blue glitter has changed to a calm feeling.

Color tone correction is also possible with the "CMYK" display, so you can correct it to your liking.

Save as "CMYK"

If you save using the normal save method, the display will remain "RGB".
This section explains how to save in the "CMYK" state.
Select File (F) → Merge and Export Images (R) → .jpg (JPEG) from the menu bar.

After deciding where to save the file image and saving it, the export settings will be displayed.
Color expression After confirming that the color is "CMYK", click OK.

* Please note that files saved with "CMYK" can only be opened with software that can display CMYK.

Thank you for watching until the end.
We hope you find this tutorial useful when producing printed matter.



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