How to apply transparent hair


I will explain how to apply transparent hair.
I think that “blur” and “gradation” are important in order to achieve transparency.

1. Apply gloss

Apply gloss with a hair gloss pen.
The pen settings look like this: ↓

Please refer to 1 here for details.

First, apply the gloss of the upper tier.
Apply so that there is no gap while making a difference in the length of the gloss.
I think it's easier to do it from the edge.

In the same way, apply the gloss of the lower tier.

Next, use “Sharp Watercolor Stroke” to blur part of the glossy part.
Blur at intervals rather than blur everything. This gives a soft impression.

I was not satisfied with it, so I added gloss.

Do the same for the back hair.

2. Paint highlights

Create a new layer on the gloss you drew earlier.

Apply roughly with a thick round pen.

Shape with an eraser.

Blur partially after shaping.

Do the same for the bottom row of highlights.

Next, make the highlights colorful. Set [Transparent Pixel Lock]. If you set [Transparent Pixel Lock], the color will only appear on the part that has been painted.
(When the top is painted normally, the bottom is painted with [Lock Transparent Pixel]) ↓

It is airbrush strong and puts light blue and blue purple.

The highlight is now complete.

3. Apply gradation

Create a new layer on top of the undercoat layer. Take the skin color with a dropper and make a grade with an airbrush. This will give the impression that your hair is transparent.

Create a new layer and apply a gradient to the top of the head.

Use a layer mask to erase the back hair gradation.

The same applies to the back hair.

Let's change the color of the back hair.
Select [Edit] → [Tone Correction] → [Hue / Saturation / Brightness], and move the hue slider to the desired color.

Example of green ↓

Example of pink ↓

Example of blue purple ↓ (I decided to do this)

4. Fatigue

Lock transparent pixels.
Make the gloss color a little darker.
Take the color next to the gloss with a dropper and paint the edges and middle of the gloss with opaque watercolor.
By doing this, gloss will become familiar.

5. Finish

Since the color seems a little light, create a new hue correction layer to darken the color.
Select [Layer] → [New Tone Correction Layer] → [Hue / Saturation / Brightness].
Saturation is moved to the right (colors become brighter) and lightness is moved to the left (colors become darker).

[Saturation is moved to the right (colors become brighter) and brightness is moved to the left (colors become darker).

You can change the color of only the hair by clipping on the hair layer folder.

The final layer structure looks like this. ↓

6. Complete

It was completed.
Thank you for reading so far!



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