How to apply shiny hair


I'd like to explain how to apply hair using a pen that gets thinner.

1. Create a pen

First of all, we will create a pen that will automatically thin out.

Click the spanner icon to open the default circle pen subtool details.

Click the entry / exit item.
Check the brush size and set the minimum value to 1.
The specification method is length specification.
Move the slider all the way to the right by checking both on and off.
Turn off the check for entering / exiting by speed.
(Image state) ↓

This completes the pen settings.

Click the paper icon with this setting to display the "Duplicate Sub Tool" screen.

The name of the pen is “Hair gloss pen”.

This completes the pen that has a narrower corner.
If you use this pen, you will be able to draw glossy edges without worrying about the pressure, so it will be easier to apply your hair.

In the same way, make a brush that gets thinner and a brush that gets thinner.

Remove only the check box for the brush that gets thinner.
(Image state) ↓

Remove only the check for the brush that makes the punch thin.
(Image state) ↓

This completes the creation of the pen.
(The image is drawn from left to right.) ↓
1 hair gloss pen
2 Pen that gets thinner
3 Pen that makes the punching thinner

2. Undercoat

First, use the [Fill] tool.

Although it was almost painted, there is still a gap in the hair tip etc.
Create a new layer below the undercoat layer and paint blue.
Decrease the opacity of the line drawing layer.
I think this makes it easier to understand the unpainted areas.

Use the [Tool to paint without gaps] to paint the remaining paint.
Check the line drawing layer when painting.

I was able to paint well.

The undercoat is now complete.

3. Apply bangs

First, apply the bangs.
Use the “thinning pen” to paint the shadow of your hair.
The shadow is painted darker than the undercoat.

I think it's a good idea to paint it with awareness of the sparrows.
I think that it is beautiful to paint with a combination of short and long shadows.
・ The figure surrounded by the blue circle has a constant shadow length
・ The figure surrounded by a red circle shows the length of the shadow

The shadow of my hair was painted.

Apply the gloss of the hair with a lighter color than the undercoat. I will paint using the “hair gloss pen”.

The bangs were painted.

4. Paint the back hair

Next, apply your back hair.
Use “hair gloss pen”, “pen that thins” and “pen that thins” to paint shadows and gloss.

The shine of the bangs is painted in a light color, while the back hair is painted in a dark color.
The bright color gloss gives a gorgeous impression, and the dark color gloss gives a calm impression.
Since only gloss is not enough, use the default circle pen to add a thin shadow.

Once the gloss has been applied, create a new layer and apply the back hair in multiplication mode.
I think that sharpness will come out like this.

(The color circled in red is the color used.)

Finally, change the color of the line drawing layer.
Create a new layer above the line drawing layer of hair and click “Clip at Layer Below”.

Paint brown. I think that the line is now a little familiar.

With clipping removed ↓

(Line drawing color as it is → after change) ↓

5. Complete

It was completed.

This is the end of this course.
Thank you for reading so far!



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