Apply hair mesh


I think it can be cumbersome to apply one color at a time when applying hair mixed with two or more colors.
You can easily apply a hair mesh by changing the layer mode.

1. Draw a mesh

Create a new layer on the hair layer that has been painted, and apply [Clip at the layer below] to paint the mesh. I painted it in red.
I usually painted with a layer, but if I keep it, I will not be able to see shadows and highlights.
So let's change the layer mode.

2. Change the layer mode

I changed the layer mode to [Color].
I think it looks natural because of the influence of the lower layer.

Left layer mode [Normal], Right layer mode [Color]

The layer mode that looks beautiful depends on the original hair color.
Let's try various things.
1 black hair mesh layer mode [color]
2 white hair mesh layer mode [multiplication]
3 blonde mesh layer mode [multiplication]
4 Blue hair mesh layer mode [Hue]

3. When painting with a layer mask

Finally, I will explain how to draw a mesh when painting with a normal layer and a layer mask.
With the mesh layer selected, click [Layer] → [Selection from Layer] → [Create Selection].

Create a new layer and click [Layer] → [Layer Mask] → [Mask Outside Selection].

Now that you have created a masked layer, duplicate it.
Create three layers: a gradient layer, a shadow layer, and a highlight layer.
Now you are ready to paint.

Paint a shadow with a round pen.
Apply a gradient to the hair tip with an airbrush. I used two colors.
Draw highlights on the screen layer.
Set the highlight layer opacity to 70%.
That's all there is to it.
This way of drawing is fine-tuning, so this is recommended when you want to paint carefully.

4. Complete

Comparison of completed drawings.
Left layer mode change type, right normal layer + layer mask type

This is the end of this course.
Thank you for reading so far!


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