Compare apple drawing with oil brush


Hello everyone.
This time, I will introduce some brushes that can be used to paint in oil style from the Clip Studio Paint brushes.

I drew apples as the same theme.
I think that the impression will change depending on the brush, so it would be nice to have a reference.

[Oil Painting Brush 01]
You can draw with a lot of paint on the brush.
It is easy to use where the colors are easy to mix.

[Pig hairy brush]
There is a feeling of tracing the campus with fluffy hair.
I think that it is the best for glossiness because the writing pressure is stable.

[Draw and add touch brush]
It is an exhilarating brush that feels faint on the campus.
The texture is close to that of an oil painting, so it is also useful for drawing.

[Brush-feeling oil and thick brush]
This is a very good brush.
It is useful when adjusting the contour.

[Oil painting flat brush]
I often use it in a way that draws a brush.
It tastes very good like the illustrations in the picture book.

Finally, I drew all the brushes together.

CLIP STUDIO ASSETS offers a variety of other brushes, so please make use of them to create individual works.

Thank you for watching to the end.
I hope you find it useful.


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