What to do if you notice that you have forgotten to draw the decoration after finishing drawing


(Note) This method is for people who draw pictures using line drawings

I finally finished painting!

... I forgot to draw the decoration.
I do my best

I think everyone has some experience, but what are the options when it happens
1 Draw and add
2 に す る Do not see
It is two

So, even if you say "I'm going to add you", it's awkward
Draw a line drawing-paint it-

These tips are what to do in such a case
The method is to make good use of the boundary effect of Layer Propady.
I'm going to explain how to do this, what are boundary effects? It comes out if you search

First of all, make a layer with a black border on it
The size of the border is the size that fits the line drawing of the picture

Next, I'll draw the decoration to be added there. This time, I want to draw something like a wristband, so I will draw it in that shape.
I want to make it feel like I'm wearing it

Next, rasterize this border layer, and it will merge with the border.
This is one of the important points

When combined, the edges can be scraped with an eraser like this, so you can familiarize yourself with the picture

After that, I paint the color, but if I paint on the layer, the line art will be destroyed.
Well, it's natural because it's the same layer.
I will paint with the multiplication layer, and explain why the line drawing will not be broken with the multiplication layer.

Although it seems difficult, the principle is simple, and the multiplication layer is a layer that multiplies the colors and makes the color darker in a way that is easy to understand.
In other words, if the color of the line drawing is black, the line drawing remains black even if you paint it by multiplication.

Let's paint by multiplication

Finished painting, texture synthesis, layering, soft light on top, slightly shading on the skin

Then you can draw decorations quite easily. This one is a bit rough and the shadow is different from the original picture.

Summary of this time
・ Rasterization of edge layer
・ Coloring is a multiplication layer
These two

It's good not to see it, but it's usually better to add
I'm not afraid if I forget to draw the decoration after work

Well it's best not to forget to draw


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