How to move a drawn illustration using the animation function


Hello, this time I'll show you how to move the illustrations were drawn using the animation function of Clip Studio Paint.

1. Prepare the illustration you want to move

This time, the animation of "blink" and "talking" of the girl's illustration will be animated.

2. Draw an illustration of the part you want to move

Separate the parts that do not move from the parts that you want to move.

・ Parts that do not move

・ Parts you want to move → “eyes” and “mouth”
8. Open eyes
7. Middle eye
6. eyes closed

5.Open mouth
4. Middle mouth
3.Closed mouth

Create each layer separately.

Open Animation-> New Layer for Animation-> Animation Folder from the menu.

Create three folders, and put the drawing files for the "unmovable part", "eyes" and "mouth" respectively.

Click Animation-> New Layer for Animation-> New Timeline from the menu. Click OK.

Right-click the red line and click the file number you want to display. The number is displayed on the frame.

Select File-> Export Animation-> Animated GIF and press OK to create a simple animation.



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