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Storyboard Category: Storyboard 2 Youth Promise

Pen name: Sheyll

School name: Human Academy Europe

Country/Region: France

Language: English


Overall feedback

Page 1

1. Awesome work on the cityscape! Majestic!


2. Some black shadows could balance the image nicely.


3. Cute! Well done!!


4. So pure! Nice light effects as well!


5. Good attention to the architecture!


6. The boy's hands are slightly bigger, nice touch!




Page 2

1. Nice, bold composition


2. Good layout!


3. Add just a little bit of shade to hide the difficult parts!




Page 3

1. Very nice render on the background!


2. He looks smart!


3. Cute!


4. I feel you would really enjoy diving deep into learning about fingers!


5. Cute!!




Page 4

1. Very natural hand position and pose!!


2. Try to find where you would place shadows instead of color! But don't go overboard...


3. Funny expression!


4. Nice expression!


5. Very nice composition!




Page 5

1. Good composition!!


2. Well rendered side profile!




Page 6

1. Simple yet effective tone work!


2. Cute, cute, cute...




Page 7

1. Screentones of the sky tend to be a bit much, so you can also just draw a cloud reflected in a building!


2. Good job!


3. This part might have been rushed?


4. Keep calm, and plan out where you want to draw stylishly/cutely!




Page 8

1. It's too cute!!!!


2. Great natural poses!


3. No words... it’s perfect...


4. Thank you!!




Overall feedback.

It was really cute, wonderfully written, and a very enjoyable read.

The artist's best strength is their skill in drawing lively characters!


We feel that they are very interested in drawing characters. The facial expressions, gestures, and poses are done with great care as well. If there's one thing that could be improved, it would be the hands and fingers. You might think they're too much of a hassle with all of the joints,


but as you're able to focus on cute gestures, once you figure out how fingertips can be expressive as well, you'll love drawing them. So our first suggestion is to try loving fingers.


You may not be interested in small details other than people, and we think you don't have to worry about keyboards and buildings too much down the line (because your fans probably won't care either!) . However, we'd like to see you learn how to cheat the details better.


One technique is to add little shadows. Adding the solid black of shadows increases the weight of the image, and makes them more convincing. As a result, the vagueness of the details become less noticeable. But adding too much will then make the image confusing, so just try adding subtle little shadows.


For example, you've put little shadows under their necks. You can start by adding just a little bit more of that!


Like you did with the clouds in the building, these techniques add to a scene without adding details. The idea is to be aware of how to make the picture more atmospheric.


The last page is captivating in how natural and charming the poses are. Keep up the good work, and we hope you can reach even more fans!




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