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Storyboard Category: Storyboard 1

Pen name: 김현준

School name: Dongcheon High School

Country/Region: Republic of Korea

Language: Korean


Overall feedback

Page 1

1. Think about the main focus of this scene!


2. Nicely drawn, looks cool!


3. Good, very natural pose!


4. To make it even better, think of an S-shaped line going through the frame!


5. Nice composition!


6. Very cool pose as well!


7. Nice, effective use of lights and shadows!!




Page 2

1. Proper use of the wide-angle lens!


2. To go one step beyond, think how each character would arch their back!


3. Nice contrast between the two faces!


4. Such a cute, innocent look!


5. When drawing faces at an angle, think about the cross-section!


6. Good unique composition!




Page 3

1. Cool expression!


2. You can draw the passing moments well!


3. Nice way of changing up the composition using poses!


4. Same as before, think about the cross-section curve.


5. Good detail on the small objects!




Page 4

1. Nice detail work!


2. Yes! Like this! Very good!


3. Clean arch on the body!!


4. Good job rendering the seriousness.


5. Slicing in half here would be effective as well.


6. Close up is working as planned!!




Page 5

1. Very nice expression! I love it!!


2. Nice choice of atmosphere to cast shadows on his face!




Page 6

1. Beautiful, clean blur lines!


2. Nice and powerful cut!


3. Yes, let us know he means business!




Page 7

1. I love this page! It effectively shows emotions, and it’s perfect!


2. & 3. The contrast between the flowing and held panels is well done!




Page 8

1. Good choice of framing!


2. You can just feel the momentum!


3. Very nice touch!


4. Both a powerful and beautiful picture!! Awesome!!


5. Nice, clean ending! I was captivated all the way through. Thank you!!




Overall feedback.

First of all, it was great. The boys are very cool and can make the reader fall in love with them.

The three main things that were particularly great were the attention to fine detail, the composition, and the shading.


How the artist focused on cool expressions and hairstyles without compromise was good as well, and they show great tenacity in how they render the small details. We hope they'll continue to hone this skill as their forte.


The composition has some nice variation as well and switches up the camera angles nicely. As they're already good at using the zoom in/out, and elevated/overhead shots, the next step could be how they use the margins. "Blue Period" might be a good point of reference.


The shading manages to achieve a natural brightness. We think they would excel at drawing in color as well, so we recommend drawing as many color illustrations as you can as it will definitely come in handy in the future. The more you master color, the more you'll be able to sharpen your ability to express yourself in black and white.


For human characters, we want the artist to be conscious of the beautiful arches found in people. Try observing your favorite artists' work and their s curves. I'm sure you'll find a beautiful flow. Try to incorporate that into your own drawings as well.


There was a lot of passion in this entry. Keep up the good work!




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