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GROW UP (promise not to)

Pen name: Alina Slyshik

School name: Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Country/Region: Russian Federation

Language: English


Overall feedback

Pages 3-4

1. 1B-1C-1D, let's show this rather than tell it. Make this one single panel where everything is huge but in a wonderful, wonderous way, not menacing. Move 1A further down and have a three small panel sequence where everything feels very cramped. Move 1G (rent bill) to 2.


2. Start with 1G remove 2D to the following page. Let the reader sink into the heaviness of it all. The pink game console behind the door is more than enough to give context without the need to show her playing the game.




Page 8

3. Character in 1A seems a bit sleepy, consider fixing expression and eyes.




Cover, Page 11

4. This is purely a suggestion but, consider making the color scheme blue on the cover and using the "warm pink one" on this final table. Perhaps have her dressed as she is as a kid to signify she's grown up but has kept her promise to be true to herself.




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