The Last Bits and Pieces


Tube Coloring

Now for the tubes, I know they are going to contain glowing blue liquid. At this point I stick to coloring them blue, seeing as the entire background is missing, I want to wait with the glow effect until that's finished.

Almost there

This is how the character looks, almost finished, but there is one last thing I want to do before I declare him completely done, and that is to add a few layer copies here and there, in different layer modes.

Copies with different settings

I copy the multiply layer containing all of my base colors (and highlights), then set the lowest layer to Soft Light. This gives a little extra, I think, but it doesn't work too well with lighter skin colors in my opinion. For this guy though, it works just fine. I Also copy the hair and set it to Screen, and the eyebrows get an additional layer of Color Burn.

That Little Extra

Some parts will always need a little extra color additions, especially skin. Therefore I create a new layer on top of everything (except for the layer containing the white highlights), and set it to overlay. Then I paint in some red, and blend it, until it fits the rest of the skin. After that, I create a new layer on top, set it to glow dodge, and add some more gold highlights. Above is the finished result of the face.

And there it is, the character finally finished. Before moving any further, though, I select all of my character layers and throw them into a folder. Remember to set the folder to "Through", otherwise it will look all warped with the many different blending modes.


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