"Hand" coloring


Hello everyone!
Are you drawing a picture? I?
Of course I'm drawing 😊

This time, I will introduce the hand making video that I posted on YouTube a long time ago.

How did you draw it in the video? There is no detailed explanation, so I will introduce it here.

However, only one can be introduced 😓
When drawing the shadow of the hand in the video, this time I often enclose it in the "selection range" and paint the shadow color.
As it is, the colors do not look natural, so I used the watercolor tool "Smooth Watercolor" to blend in some of the outlines of the colors.

There is almost no commentary in the video this time, but you can see how I paint it just by watching it, so please take a look.

* Be sure to set "automatic subtitles" to your native language when viewing 😊


Thank you for watching until the end 😊

If you have any requests such as "I want you to make such a making video!", Please feel free to leave a comment.

See you next time 😊



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