3.Creating Balloons and Dialog



Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.9.14

Balloons are an essential element for expressing dialog in manga. You can create these using the [Text] tool.

Creating a Balloon

The [Text] tool allows you to create balloons in a wide variety of shapes.

<Ellipse Balloons>

Draw a balloon using the [Ellipse balloon] sub tool.

1 Select [Window] menu → [Color Set] to show the [Color Set] palette.

2 Select black from the [Color Set] palette. Check that the main color on the [Tool] palette is now black and click to select the main color.

3 Select [Balloon] tool → [Ellipse balloon] from the [Tool] palette.

4 In the [Tool Property] palette, change the [Brush Size] to set the line width of the balloon. Set anti-aliasing to [None].

5 Click and drag on the canvas to draw the outline of the balloon.

6 Drawing of the basic shape of the balloon is now complete. A balloon layer is created on the [Layer] palette when the balloon is created.

<Rectangle Balloons>

You can change the settings of the [Ellipse balloon] tool to create a rectangle balloon.

1 Select [Balloon] tool → [Ellipse balloon] from the [Tool] palette.

2 Change [Figure] to [Rectangle] in the [Tool Property] palette. Change the [Brush Size] to the desired value.

3 Click and drag in the desired location to draw a rectangle balloon.

You can draw two overlapping balloons to create two rectangles joined together as shown below.


To draw a freehand balloon or a balloon whose shape cannot be created easily with the [Text] tool, create a new [Raster layer] and draw it directly using tools such as the [Pen] tool.

Adjusting the Shape of the Balloon

Once the balloon layer is created, you can use the [Object] tool to adjust the shape and size of the balloon.

1 Select the [Operation] tool → [Object] from the [Tool] palette.

2 Adjust the shape of the balloon.

You can enlarge or shrink the balloon by selecting the balloon and dragging one of the guide points that is displayed.


Dragging a handle while holding down the [Shift] key allows you to maintain the current aspect ratio while resizing.

Tips: Outlines of Balloons

You can use the [Tool Property] palette to edit the advanced settings of the balloon outline such as the line color, ground color, brush size and brush shape.

Attaching a Tail to a Balloon

Attach a tail to the balloon.

1 From the [Tool] palette, select the [Balloon] tool → [Balloon tail]. In this case, the [Tool Property] palette has been configured as shown below.

2 Click inside the balloon and drag outward to attach a tail to the balloon.

You can adjust the position of the tail by dragging the control point using the [Object] tool.

Entering Dialog

When the balloon is completed, enter text.

1 From the [Tool] palette, select the [Text] tool → [Text] then use the [Tool property] palette to make settings as shown below.

2 Click inside the balloon on the canvas to enter text. Click outside the text area to commit the content.

To enter other text, click another area with the [Text] tool after entering this text. Click inside an existing balloon to add more text to the same balloon layer or click in an area with no balloon to create a new text layer.

Tips: Adjusting the Text

You can correct text that you have entered by using the [Text] tool or the [Object] tool. To correct text that you have entered, select the text on the canvas with the [Text] tool.

To change the size or position of the text, drag the guide points of the text on the canvas while the [Text] tool or [Object] tool is selected. You can change the font or the text size by using the [Tool Property] palette.

3 Repeat the same steps to configure the settings of the balloon.

A sea urchin flash will be created for the final dialog in a later process. Click an area with no balloon and enter only the text for this dialog. A new text layer is created as you clicked outside of the balloons.

4 On the [Layer] palette, select the text layer you created and click [Combine to layer below].

The two separate text layers are combined as one layer for easier management.


Combinations of multiple text (balloon) layers are not rasterized, and are treated as text (balloon) layers even after being combined.s



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