4.Saving and sharing works



When a work is completed, save and maybe share the work you’ve painted.

To save your work you will need to purchase CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Saving your work

To save work, tap the [Save] icon on the [Command Bar] or select [Save] from the [File] menu.

Selecting [Save] will save automatically.

To change the file name when saving, select the [File] menu → [Save As].

Opening your work

To open a work, tap the [Open] icon on the [Command Bar] or select it via the [File] menu.

Managing saved works

Select the [File operation/Share] from the [File] menu to display the [File operation/Share] dialog box.

In the [File operation/Share] dialog, you can change the name of created works, duplicate or delete them.

You can also use AirDrop to share the work with other devices via the [Share] option or directly post works to Social Media.

[POINT] Sharing your work on Social Media!

Before uploading your work to Social Media, make sure to first export it as a commonly used image file and then upload it.

① Select [Export (Single Layer)] from the [File] menu and export the image in the format [.jpg (JPG)] or [. png (PNG)].

② Select [Share] from the [File] menu → [File operation/Share] and select the Social Media platform you would like to upload to from the displayed list.


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