6. Sharing Projects with the Clip Studio Cloud Service




Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 3.0


Learn how to share Clip Studio Paint files between different devices using the Clip Studio cloud service.


Note: This article explains how to use other services on the iPad version.


Clip Studio’s cloud service allows you to share your creations, materials, and app settings across different devices.

1. Log in

You need to log in to use the cloud service. Log in by selecting the Clip Studio Paint logo menu > Open Clip Studio and tapping Account.

In Ver. 2.3.4 and earlier, tap Login.


2. Show the projects you want to share

Tap Projects in Clip Studio to show your projects made in Clip Studio Paint.

On the Projects screen, you can upload or download projects with the cloud service.

In Ver. 2.3.4 and earlier, tap Manage works to view the list.


iPad/iPhone: Where to save your work

For the iPad/iPhone versions, you can also save files outside of the application, however only files saved within the Clip Studio app (On this iPad > Clip Studio) will appear in the Projects list.

If the work you want to share using Clip Studio's cloud service is not listed in your Projects, go to the File menu and tap Save As to save the work again in the Clip Studio application.


Edit works created on other devices

You can upload projects drawn on your tablet to the Clip Studio cloud in order to download and edit them later on another device.

To upload a work to the Clip Studio cloud, tap In this app on the Projects screen.


Turn on the Switch syncing button for the files you want to upload to the cloud.

Tap the Cloud tab to check that your project has been uploaded successfully.

You can also use the Clip Studio cloud to back up works drawn on your tablet.


Edit files from other devices

You can also upload your projects from a Windows/macOS device to the cloud service in order to download and edit them on your tablet.


To download a work from the cloud service to the tablet version, tap Cloud on the Projects screen.

Select the Download as new or Download and overwrite icon for the files you want to edit.


A successfully downloaded work will appear when you tap the In this app tab.

Double-tap a downloaded file to open it in Clip Studio Paint.


The Clip Studio cloud service allows you to use the files and materials you have created with Clip Studio Paint on other devices.

You can also use it to back up your works using the automatic sync feature.

For details, please refer to the following links.


Note: The data limit for storage is 10GB. Cloud data for a Clip Studio account that has not connected to the Clip Studio cloud for over a year will be deleted.



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