7. Checking Preferences



Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.9.14

This will show you basic points for you to customize Clip Studio Paint for easy use.

Select [Clip Studio Paint] menu > [Preferences] to display the [Preferences] dialog box.

Within the [Preferences], you can set the color of the interface (display), unit, the shape of the cursor, the number of undos and so on.

It is usually a good idea to first check what kind of settings you can adjust before you do anything else.

Changing the interface color

In Clip Studio Paint it is possible to change the color of interface.

You can change the color via the [Color] settings by selecting [Interface] in the [Preferences] dialog.

In the initial state, the color is set to “Dark color”.

<Dark color>

<Light color>

Layout Settings

In the initial state, the layout of the Tablet version stores each palette in the form of an icon. This way a wider drawing area is available for devices with a smaller screens.

Tapping the icons displays the palettes in a pop-up.

If you prefer to use the same layout as the Windows/macOS version, you can change this in [Preferences].

If you select [Preferences] > [Interface] and uncheck the [Layout] check box, the display will be the same as the Windows/macOS version.

<When the [Layout] check mark is ON>

< When the [Layout] is unchecked (Same as Windows/macOS version)>

Actual size of display

When creating works for printing, it is recommended to adjust the [Display resolution] so that the canvas displays at the actual size within Clip Studio Paint.

Confirm the size when printing from the [View] menu > [Print size].

① Tap the [Settings] button in [Preferences] > [Canvas] > [Display resolution].

② When [Settings of display resolution] is shown, the display matches the scale of an actual ruler.

Adjust the scale by operating the slider.

If you frequently use the [Print size] option, it is convenient to register this in the [Command Bar] or the [Quick Access Palette]. Registration methods are explained in the next section.



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