Clipping to Clipping [CLIP STUDIO PAINT Crysta Beginner's Course]


Do you know how to clip on top of clipping?

I don't always do it, so many people may not know it.
In the event of an emergency, the day will come when you will say "I want to clip to clipping!", So remember it for that day!

You need to devise something, so please take a look!

If you know this, you can add patterns and accessories efficiently!

* Sorry, this video is a Japanese-only commentary video.
If you think "it's still okay!", Click it.
* Sorry, this video is an instructional video in Japanese only.
If you think, "I'm still okay with that! If you think you can do it, click here.

Some videos cannot be published on tips (with copyrighted material).
Introducing and explaining how to draw a picture, information and knowledge about the picture, and tips that can upgrade the illustration and shorten the time with a little technique.
I would be happy if you could come to see it.



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