How to make a basic frame border 3



In this lesson, we will cover how to make frame borders step by step.

After dividing the frame borders in the previous lesson, we now move on to adjustments such as making “tachikri” frames (frames that go over the bleed or “tachikiri”) and moving frame border lines.

[1] Making “tachikiri” frames

Clicking the frame border with the [Object] sub tool or selecting the frame border folder in the [Layer] palette will display handles and make the border editable.


In the default modifier key settings, the [Cut border] sub tool will act as the [Object] sub tool while pressing Ctrl.

This enables efficient line border editing while dividing frames with [Cut border].

Clicking the triangles at each side of the border will extend the border lines outside of the canvas.

For border lines next to other frames, when the triangle is clicked, it will move until it overlaps with the neighboring frame’s border line. This can be repeated until it extends beyond the canvas.

[2] Moving frame spacing

By dragging the square on the border line next to a frame with the [Object] sub tool, the line can be moved without changing the frame spacing.

When dragging the square on the upper or bottom frame line of adjacent frames, those frames will move too.

In the Tool Property palette, turn the [Keep gutters aligned] setting to [None] to move the frame independently of other frames.

Set to [All] to move connecting vertical gutters in alignment.

▼ When set to [All]

▼ When set to [Horizontal & adjacent]

When [Snap to other frame borders] is turned on in the [Tool Property] palette, you can easily adjust frames as they will snap to the lines and extended lines of surrounding frames.

This also works for the upper/bottom border lines of horizontally neighboring frames.

[3] Moving frames, changing shapes

When dragging the [Object] sub tool when the cursor is an arrow near a frame border, the frame can be moved.

When doing so, layers inside of the frame border folder will not move.


To move a frame with its contents, drag with the [Move layer] sub tool.

The frame’s size can be adjusted by dragging the circles on the corners of the frames with the [Object] sub tool. By dragging while pressing the Shift key, the size can be changed while keeping the aspect ratio.


When using a single file folder, there will be multiple frame border lines inside of the folder.

To select a certain border, click the inside of the border line (inside the red “vector center line”) with the [Object] sub tool.

Frames can be added to the selection by Shift clicking.

When it is difficult to click, temporarily thicken the border line with [Tool Property] palette→[Brush Size].

Frame shapes can be changed by dragging the vertices (control points) of frames. When doing so, the surrounding frame shapes will change if [Work with another frame border] is selected.

[4] Deleting border lines

Border lines can be deleted by selecting a frame and unselecting [Draw border] in the [Tool Property] palette.

They can be displayed again by selecting the same setting.

We have now created border lines step by step.

From here, we ink and tone based on our sketch and finish the manuscript.


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