Hello! Today I am going to teach you how to draw a realistic eye step by step.


With this tool it was easier for me to make the sketch.


We will use this tool in this tutorial, here are the steps to use it:


I'm going to draw it in black so you can see it easily.

The sketch will help us guide us to color the eye, you can use the tool of your choice to do it, I will use the "curve" tool.

You can look at various references to get an idea of how you're going to create your eye.

Next I will only put images with the steps since it is very easy to understand.

Then they erase the part that points to the image.

What I just drew in orange is to guide me where I'm going to place the tabs.

Since we have this we finish the sketch, if we also draw the eyelashes in the sketch it would be very time consuming.


With the sketch you made you can select the bucket and then an option will appear that says "Refer only to other layers" and will help you color what you drew in the sketch.


At the end of coloring we will remove the sketch.

The color of your chosen eye will be raised or lowered in tone so that you have light, intermediate and shadow tones.

With the intermediate tone you color the iris and simply with black you color the pupil.

With the "Textured 2" brush you are going to draw what I will show next.
This brush already came when you installed Clip Studio.

It doesn't matter if it goes outside the circle as this will help us in the last steps of this drawing.

To make this realistic eye faster you are only going to color in detail a part of his eye as shown below.

When we finish coloring the part I'm going to show you what we're going to do to create it faster.

Step 1:

Step 2:

To achieve this finish, what I did was use the "Color Mix" tool.
I dragged the black tone to the green tone as shown below:

Then I dragged the light green to the dark green as shown below:

Now I dragged the dark green to the light green:

I felt that to give it realism it lacked brown color so I added it and mixed it as shown below:

Now remove the sketch to blur the pupil a bit with the iris.
WARNING: do not delete the sketch yet, we will continue using it to locate the tabs.

How can you tell how fine the lines are.

Now here comes the trick with the "Selection pencil" tool you are going to select (it is as if you were coloring the area you want to select) the part of the iris that we just colored.

Now they press the button that points or if they are using a computer they can press Ctrl + c to copy and Ctrl + v to paste.

Now you should have made a copy of your layer and select it.

Now in the toolbar you should get one that says "Edit" and you click on it.

Then a rectangle will appear and there will be an option that says transform.

Something like this will appear, with this you can freely move what we color to put it where this part of the eye is still missing.

And we repeat the procedure.
To select the Scale/Rotate tool faster you can select Ctrl + t .

Something like this would be:

Since you ended up with many layers to color the eye you can select "Merge with layer below" this will merge the layer you selected with the one below.

To give it more realism I added some lines with the "Color Mix" tool.

Now I put the basic tones of the sclera and then use the "Color Mix" tool.

Again I put base tones to mix them later.

Then I added some highlights to the eye and the lid.


To make the eyelashes use this brush:

The brush size is 17.5.

And lower the opacity to 80.

The more times you pass the pen where you already drew, the more intense the black tone will be.

This is the movement that you should apply every time you make lashes (from bottom to top):

In order not to draw too many tabs, apply what I previously taught you (copy and paste).

When you are in the Scale/Rotate section you can select "Flip Horizontal" it does the same function as a mirror (reflects your drawing, also serves to see if your drawing is symmetrical).

Another tip would be that when you are in the Scale/Rotate section you can click on the word and it will give you an option called "Free Transform" this option will help you stretch your drawing.

The eyebrows would be with the same brush, but now the size is 3.5.

And ready! You have finished your eye.

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