A Brief Talk on the Eyes of Manga Characters



The eye discussion in this article is suitable for [less realistic] painting methods such as comics and two-dimensional elements.
Focus on contours and features and won't teach you how to color.

The content of the article is also very novice, the purpose is to let people who are still honing their painting skills and have not made such rapid progress can learn some emergency skills to improve the quality of their works.


For beginners,
Draw a straight face, the left and right eyes can be the same.
But when the face is changed at a different angle, it may not be possible to draw the right eyes.
So we must simply understand the structure of the eye in order to deal with drawing eyes of different shapes.

[I will use a stupid method to show how to change the frontal eyes to 45°]

(The focus is divided into two parts)

1. Front, we want to turn the face to the right
2. Scale the left eye horizontally
3. Change the bottom first, and move the lowest point to the left

The focus here is to match the shape of the eyeball, [the eye socket should be curved]

4. Next, start to change the top.
5. The green line is the inner canthus, draw it for your reference.
When the face is sideways, the inner canthus will be blocked by the flesh (purple lines) on the side.
At this time, if the eyes have double eyelids, the lines of the eyelids will also converge downwards.
6. Done
The key point here [please lower the edge of the upper eyelashes \/\ ]

[Comparison before and after modification]
Using this theory, you can initially deal with the head-up eye.

【Related application display】

The above diagrams are all drawn using the same logic.
As long as you practice, I believe you will too.


This chapter is to increase the eye-catching degree and learn how to deal with the details.

Then modify it with the previous example.


1. It needs to grow along the direction of the bone
2. The eyebrows are further forward than the eyeballs, so when the face is on the side, the eyebrows should be drawn moderately over the eyes.

⭐【Double Eyelid】

Double eyelids can actually be drawn very casually.
Because in reality, there are double eyelids in these three situations, so as long as it is a wrinkle that appears above the eyelashes, it is not wrong to express it.
According to personal observation, because of the frontal bone, 1 is more common in Easterners, and 3 is Westerners.

⭐【Upper eyelid】

1 is more oriental, 2 is western.
Because the blue area of 2 is more convex, it is less likely to have a parallel indentation under the eyebrows like 1.

However, because it is a two-dimensional element, most of them are drawn according to what the artist thinks looks good, and it does not need to be too strict.
There are also many ways to hook the line, or you can choose not to add it at all.

There is usually a line extending below the leading edge of the brow.

⭐【Lower eyelashes】

1 is the basic type
In reality, the lower eyelashes are close to 2, and there is a small distance between the lower eyelashes and the eye socket, so if you see the drawing method of 2, there is nothing wrong.
But sometimes the eyes don't need to be drawn too large, so in most cases, you will see the situation like 3, where the lower eyelashes merge into the lower eye socket.

Eye features give character temperament

Drawings based on personal perception, you can refer to them.
Note: Because it is the range that painters are good at, the following examples are all male.

⭐【Round Eyes】
Easy-going, harmless, little white rabbit

⭐【Eyes in the shape of leaves】
Neutral, clear and firm eyes (smarter than round eyes)

⭐【Not easy to get along with, not easy to mess with】
Thick + single eyelid, sparse eyebrows, small eyeballs, slender eyes

⭐【Trapezoid eyes on the top】
honest man, warm man

⭐【droopy eyes】
Lazy, mysterious, prodigal, romantic

⭐【I don't know how to draw the attack time in BL】
thicker eyebrows

⭐【Upper eyelashes, end up】
Increase spirituality, cat boy

The eyelashes are drawn a little longer, and the lying silkworm and tear mole can be considered.
It has no effect on eye shape



For the two-dimensional drawing method, it is not necessary to modify the size or shape of the eyes if you want to increase the age of the character. Because modifying the shape may affect the character's own characteristics.

The simple method is to draw crow's feet or strengthen the eyelids,
And the most important [eye bags].
As people get older, bags under the eyes sag. Some people draw the old people's habit of drawing a slash next to the bridge of the nose, which is the wrinkles that appear because of drooping eye bags.


This is the first time to publish an article on TIPS. If there are any shortcomings, I would like to thank you for your patience.

Finally a suggestion,
If you encounter a bottleneck in practicing painting, even if you want to learn にじげん, remember to refer to real people, objects or photos.
People's aesthetics mostly refer to things they see on weekdays. When the picture is too different from reality, even if you don't know what's wrong, you will naturally feel strange when you watch it.
It is more important to face the things that exist in reality than to see the teaching drawn by others.

Good luck with drawing everyone.



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