Hey guys in this tutorial im gonna talk about How do you draw characters of different generations . In this tutorial I'm gonna give you guys a bit of knowleadge how a face ages , the changes that happens in a skull and as well as giving you a step by step guide to draw head and body proportion of people of different ages .

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Before getting to drawing faces let's learn a little bit about what's inside which is the skull. Let's talk about how a skull changes as we grow so that when we draw the face we will know how the skull affects the surface


Let's start by comparing a baby's skull to an adult's. Usually when you compare a baby's skull to an adult's, the most significant difference has to be the size, the baby's skull is much smaller in size and the baby has more, but many features are still undeveloped like the teeth are pretty much not grown yet.


Especially the nose bridge, cheekbone, and jawbone are relatively smaller in a baby's skull. This is why the facial features of a baby are closer together occupying only one-quarter of the entire skull. And it is also normal to have a big forehead.



As for the adult Skull, the features are pretty much well developed with a defined jawline and cheekbone.


By the age of 5, it is said that the skull has grown over 90 % of the adult size which gives you a proper perspective of how a child's face develops. The Skull continues to grow for the adults too.


From adults to the elderly the Skull has some subtle changes like the forehead moving forward, as well The jaw moves a bit forward but the chin moves a lot forward and the elderly will start to lose teeth.




Now that we know how a skull changes as we grow, let's look into some differences between a male and a female skull.

The male skull generally is bigger compared to a female skull. And if we look at the side profile of the Skulls, The male SkUII has a noticeable bulge on the brow ridge. while females have smoother vertical frontal bones.


Lastly, the jawbone for the males are square shaped, while females have a more rounded jaw shape



Before l take you through my process of drawing, l just wanted to say that I know that people look and age differently according(to their culture and nationality so what I'm sharing with you guys is a basic standard of proportions that will help you with drawing people of different ages.



Let's start from a simple circle and then split the circle in the middle horizontally and vertically


Extend the vertical line a little below the circle


Now I'm just gonna draw a rough guideline for the face shape, now remember that babies have rounder circular faces so draw according to that.


From the center of the circle to the bottom line, we're gonna divide it into four equal divisions.


-The line at the center of the circle is where the eyebrows are placed.

-The eyes rest at the first division line.

  • The end of the nose lies on the second division line.

-we can we the 3rd division line to draw the middle of the lips

  • Finally, the chin lies a little bit below the 4th division line. While drawing the chin remember that babies have a lot of fat so they usually have double chins


As for their forehead, it's gonna be smooth and round

The ear for the babies usually Starts at almost the same level as the eyebrows and ends a little bit below the nose



And that is all the proportions of a baby. Now let's draw features in detail.

The eyebrows of a baby are gonna be delicate and have lesser hair

The iris is the only thing that is developed completely, that's why babies have big button eyes and surprisingly good long lashes,

A baby's eyes are usually a bit farther apart than an adult's eye because of its small head.


As for the nose, babies have small round noses which appear closer to The Eye


The upper lips are wider and thinner while the lower lips are thicker.


and basically how a baby's features look, now I'll draw in some details.

As for the hair, IF you're drawing a baby who is only a few months old, draw their hair in less volume, but once the baby is over I year old we can draw fuller hair. And it's okay to draw messy hair for babies since you can't Style a baby's hair







we're again gonna Start from a circle with two cross lines in the middle. we are all gonna extend the middle line a bit more than what we did for the baby since the face gets narrower as we grow.

Draw a basic face guideline in a more oval shape



From the center line to the bottom we are gonna divide it into 4 parts.


  • The eyebrows lie exactly At the middle line of the circle

-This time the eyes are placed in between the center line and the first division line.

  • As for the nose it Rests above the 2nd division line (while drawing the nose bridge in the side profile don't draw it too sharp try to keep it a bit soft and round )

  • The lips are positioned in between the 2nd and 3rd division line, while the lower lip mainly rests on the 3rd division line.

  • The chin is placed exactly at the 4 th division line.


-While drawing the face shape try to draw it a bit narrow and overall shape as a square in front view.

-The ears are gonna start at the same level as the eye and end a little below the ears.



And that’s the facial proportion. Now let’s move on to the features.


The eyebrows are gonna be filled unlike the babies eyebrows

Next, the eye will appear smaller since the eye doesn't grow as we age but the face does so they’re not gonna be as big or buttony as the babies

The bridge of the nose is higher and the nose has brown longer, no longer beginning too close to the eye

The lips are gonna appear bigger.



Remember that they’re children so avoid drawing any sharp and prominent jawline or chin, try to keep it softer and rounder at the edges; their heads are still small, adding to the cuteness.

Now I’ll add some details…



As for the hair, at this age children are gonna have a lot of hair, mostly cut and styled properly, I'm going for bangs here just to bring out the cuteness


And that’s how you draw a young boy.



As for how to draw young girls, it's easy and not much different from drawing boys.

They both have the same head and facial proportions, as for the features girls characteristically have wider eyes, their jaws and chin are gonna be much rounder compared to the boys. Avoid drawing any squarish forms and try to keep them cute and round .





The proportion of a teenager is gonna be similar to an adult but the teenager has smoother skin with no noticeable lines of aging. The cheeks are smooth with not much definition. The jaws have developed well but are still not as prominent as for adults.


So let's start drawing a teenager

Again a circle with two middle lines, we're gonna extend the vertical line a little bit smaller than half of the circle’s height.

Draw a basic face shape from the center of the circle to the bottom line let's divide it into 4 parts.


-The eyebrows are placed a little above the center line.

  • The top of the eyes rests on the centerline while the rest of the eyes goes below the centerline.

  • The end of the nose rests at the 2nd division line,

  • The lips are gonna come in between the 2nd and 3rd division line.

  • Lastly, the chin lies exactly on the 4th division line. Since I'm drawing a teenage girl here the chin is gonna be rounder.

  • Lastly, the ear is gonna start at the level of the eyebrows and end where the nose ends.



Let's get into the features,


Teenagers have well-defined archy eyebrows.

There is nothing much to say about the eyes because it changes from person to person, some teenagers may have big doe eyes while some have smaller angular eyes.

The nose bridge is gonna be well structured and has taken a permanent shape.

The lips have grown a lot but again there are various shapes of lips some have thinner lips while some have fuller lips so concentrate more on the proportion to get the lip placement right.


The forehead is gonna be smoother and rounder for girls

The ears will appear comparatively smaller to the head and teenagers have more angular ears while children have rounder ears

Don't give too much definition to their cheeks since it will make them look older


And that is all the point you need to have in mind while drawing a teenager. I will just go in and draw the hair and add more details to the features.



To draw teen boys it the same head proportion as the teenage girl, the main difference is in the jaw and chin, teen boys overall face shape is mostly gonna be narrower and rectangular with a well-defined jawline and well-developed nose bridge, Boys tend to have thicker eyebrows and the hairline maybe pushed a little back.




Drawing adults is almost the same as the teenagers, except that the few features are going to be more defined like the cheekbone moving a bit backward giving us a more defined tone in the face and a well-defined jawline. overall while drawing teenagers have more feelings of youth while drawing adults express maturity.


There will be some signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and a subtle effect of face sagging if your character is the around your late 30s or early 40 s.


As always we’re gonna start with a circle and two cross lines in the middle. Extend the vertical line about the same length as half the circle. From the centerline to the bottom divide them into four divisions.



The eyebrows are gonna start below the centerline and arch a bit above the centerline.

1st division is where the middle of the eye is gonna be placed.

The end of the nose is gonna be below the 2nd division. and try to draw a nice long-nose bridge.

3rd division line is where the middle of the lips rests

Since I’m drawing a female, the jaw is gonna be rounder but still angular.

Ears as usual start at eyebrow level and end near the nose.

As I said the cheekbones for the adults are defined well so give them tone there



Let's move on to the features,

The eyebrows are gonna be archy and a little less filled compared to teenagers

For the eye, you draw some lines below the eye since the muscles around the eyes are sensitive and are the place where they first show signs of aging. but if your character is a young adult then avoid it.

For the nose, give them a well-defined nose bridge.

Lastly a toned cheekbone and defined but still softer feminine jawline .





Same proportion as women but the features have some differences Male chins have a more square and angular appearance than female chins. Males also have heavier and wider jawbones than females. Female chins usually have a more rounded appearance, and the jawline is not as strong as on males.

Adult males tend to have a receding hairline but a thicker eyebrow compared to women.






For the elderly, the cheekbone becomes more evident in aging, and the flesh sags, especially near the chin and jaw area which is called jowl formation. There are gonna be lines on the forehead more visible when an expression is made. The flesh near the eye will sag as well and the muscles will shrink causing wrinkles.


So let's start by drawing someone in their 60s




The proportion of heads for the elderly is the same as for the adults so we’re just gonna copy the same proportion and let's move on to features.


The eyebrow loses their sharp definition, so draw them a bit softer.

Around the eye, there will be wrinkles and flesh drops and under the eye creases.

The nose will lose its sharp definition

The lips will get thinner and move inward


A permanent crease mark will appear near the nose

Flesh drop and jowl formation under and on the chin area.

Lastly, the hair will thin out.




As for elderly males, there is not much difference except the elderly men would have lost more hair and will have a receding hairline.


To draw someone in their 80 s is not gonna be difficult cause we just have to exaggerate the facial marking and flesh sagging of a 60 yr old to draw an 80-year-old



Like there will be more jowl formation under the chin. The eyes and muscles will sag. There will be more facial marking and permanent creases and the lips will thin out even more. The forehead line will increase. The ear lobes will enlarge and most of the teeth will be gone.

Females even at this age might have some hair left out while the males usually barely have any hair left, most of them are bald.





Now that we know the head proportions let's talk about the body proportions . The body changes radically as we grow older and helps us to identify a child from an adult . one more thing to keep in mind is that younger children have bigger heads compared to their body proportions but as we grow it changes .


I usually use the head measurement method to draw different bodies of people at different ages . It sounds confusing so lets get over this method


So lets say i have a baby’s head and the baby’s height is usually 3 heads long so i will stack 3 heads and this will give me the length of the body for a baby .


Similarly for young children (boys) they’re usually 6 heads longer in height .

Teenagers are usually 7 heads long in height

Adults are 8 heads taller

As for the elderly the body will get shorter since as we age we will shrink down a bit so for elderly we can have 7 heads .


This is the standard height for men . Until the age of young children there isn't any significant change in the body , but as they reach the age of teenage . Boys will get wider shoulders and their hips will get liner . And this will be even more prominent as they reach the adult wood . As the elderly as i mentioned they will shrink a little and there will be a lot of sagging all over the body .


Now let's look at the female body proportions . As a baby there is no body proportion difference between girl and boy they both are 3 head long in height . But as they grow girls' height will be shorter compared to the boys so from the young children's age to the elderly age on average women will be on head shorter than men .



And women as they reach teenage years they will have wider hips and some growth in their chest and will be more prominent as they reach adult wood .



And that is all the basic proportion to draw men and women’s head and body at different ages . I hope this article was informative . thank you for reading




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