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Hello everyone, Ayda Fork here!

This post will go through how to make your own Fairytale-like illustrations. If you want to generate wonderful, attractive illustrations with a fairytale theme, Clip Studio Paint has all the tools you need to make your dreams come true. So, let us learn how to use it well!

All of these are easy techniques I used to create my own illustrations, and I hope they are beneficial to you as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Taking advantage of the available assets!

If you're having trouble with anatomy, you may use a 3D model and create your character on top of it on another layer.

You can choose to use either female body or male body that is generally included in your downloads. Not only that, but you can also find other types of 3D models in the assets, which come in a variety of forms and sizes!

You can also discover all of the poses in the assets to adjust the model's pose. All you have to do is drag and drop the pose on top of which models you want to modify their poses, and then you can control the model position using the buttons on top of it.

Aside from the button on top of the model, I usually use the button that appears when you click on the model.

When you click the camera button, it displays which angles you wish to use for your model. It's much easier than fiddling with the top button to get the ideal position.

Next, at the end of the right side, there is a button that allows you to choose the type of character you desire, such as a body feature. You may also easily choose the light source for your own character, making it easier for you to color afterwards.

Illustrations draft

When creating your own illustration, it is important to have a plan for what you will draw and how your character will appear in the artwork.

Even if it is strange and ugly, as long as you understand what you want to draw, it will suffice as a basic sketch and a source for your ideas.

For me, I'd want to draw the moon in the upper left corner of the canvas (I choose to draw the night time illustration). The characters will be in the forefront. This is only a simple plan, so don't spend too much time trying to figure out what I just sketched.

Next, drag your 3D model into the canvas and place it in the poses you want to create, precisely as in your idea. Then you may begin sketching on new layers on top of the model before creating the final line art for your drawing.

! Remember to use separate layers for each part of your character's body, such as one for hair, one for face, one for eyes, and others for hands, body, clothing, and so on and save it all in one file named "lineart." ! This approach allows you to easily control and adjust whatever you want to add or remove from the character without interfering with the other lines of the drawing.


When coloring, use the same approach as when doing line art. Color all parts of the characters in different layers, however this time, each layer should be in its own file for a smoother coloring process (Just like in the image).

You can also drag the file containing your 3D model on top of the "color" file. This allows you to see the shadow more clearly while coloring (if you can't see your drawing because the 3D model is covering it up, reduce the opacity of the 3D model till you can color on it more easily).

Using assets for convenience

CLIP STUDIO ASSETS features a variety of tools to assist you with your drawing. Simply search for the terms of what you're looking for, and you'll be flooded with options. There are certain assets that require payment to use, but I normally use the free ones, which are still useful if used properly~

For the character illustrations, I used a hair brush that I downloaded from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS to assist me draw difficult hair and also to save time when drawing.

Following that, I sought assistance from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS to find the most exquisite and gorgeous wings that I had in mind for the fairy's lovely small wings. And this is what I selected from among so many wonderful options.

Using these assets, I change them into what I want, such as the color, form, and so on, by using blending mode and a gradient map for the desired coloring.

And, as I previously stated while drawing for the drafts, for the moon's background, I used a wonderful image from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS to save myself from sketching the background, as well as a pillar image that I dragged onto the canvas in the position I desired.

To make it more appealing and stunning, I used a gradient map of 'night sky' layer that I clip on top of the "background" file to smooth the background color into the desired appearance (It is also important to play with the blending mode so that you get the more appealing background).

Then, to make it more dazzling, I used gold/ bright yellow with an airbrush to color the area where I wanted it to glow, then set the blending mode to Add (Glow).

Then, add some details like glitters, a light source, and more sparkling to make it even more blinding! You may also alter the image blending mode till it is what you want!

Blending the characters with the background

When painting the characters, it is crucial to have them blend with the background so that they seem ideal together and may express tension and the correct mood the characters are in.

First, you should smooth all your lines. In your "Line art" file, create another layer on top of each layer of the character's body that you separated before and clip it to the layer below. (As seen in the image.) Then, using any brush, color on it (for me, I use an airbrush). It is used to smooth your line art color so that it blends in with the background.

Then, I use the same gradient map, 'night sky,' on the characters as I do on the background. To begin, clip the gradient layer on the top of the "main files" file which contains "line art" and "color" files, and then reduce the opacity till the color seems pleasant to you. Then, using an eraser brush, remove the areas where the light meets at the layer mask of the gradient layer.

Next, add another layer and change the blending mode to Add(Glow), then use the color gold/bright yellow or any color you wanted to highlight the areas you previously removed. (It is up to you whether to repeat this procedure or not until you are satisfied and happy.)

Because my idea is that the characters are on the balcony at night, I include details such as the window light source to indicate that the character is outdoors when the fairy visits her.

For this method, you must modify the layer blending mode until you find one that you prefer. You can also adjust the opacity to your liking. (Don't be afraid to experiment with the colors, it's actually a lot of fun and really cool!)

Add Details

When you're satisfied with the coloring, go on to the details!

CLIP STUDIO ASSETS has tools for quickly adding features to your artwork, such as a lightning brush, prism brush, sparkle brush, and glitters. Simply enter the keyword and press the search button. There will be several options for you to select the one you really want! For me, there are too many choices that I loved, therefore I strongly advise you to search for it right now.

When you already have the right tools, simply add additional sparkling, shining hair, and light radiating from the fairy to demonstrate she's glowing on the night. During this step, I also add tears to my female human character to show that she is crying, and then the fairy comes to console her in her grief. (It's the small detail that matters! )

Finally, always include your signature while illustrating. It is to demonstrate that you own the illustration (This is important, understand !)

Otherwise, someone will claim your work as their own!


When you are completely happy with everything, that is when you are the happiest! This is the final outcome of my illustration~

I chose to draw this one because fairy is a comfort character for me. It's a magical creature that we can only envision, but I'd want to see one in person. This artwork shows that if you are a decent person with a kind heart, the fairy will cherish you unconditionally. This fairy I drew had healing magic, so when she touched the female human, she immediately smiled and forgot she was crying.

The fact that the moon shines brightly on them when they are alone on the balcony indicates that this meeting is private and that only the female human can meet with the fairy in secret. Because fairies are unique and rare creatures, it will be dangerous if people learn about them. (I hope you can keep this a secret as well, everyone!)

Well, it is sad but this brings my advice to an end. I hope these tips are as helpful to you as they were to me with my illustrations. I'm not sure if the directions are clear.... but please give a like if it helps you!

Thanks a lot for Reading!!!



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