How to draw an impressive background using the fisheye lens effect




A fisheye lens is a photographic lens used for cameras.
It is a lens that can shoot a wider range

It is characterized by large distortion toward the edge of the screen.
It is suitable for expressing the spread and depth of space.
You can take impressive photos

Expressing the effect as a perspective
It looks like this

There is a function that can be used as a perspective ruler
Added from CLIPSTUDIO Ver.2.0

About the fisheye perspective ruler from ClipStidioOfficial
There are tips that are explained in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners

This time, we will use this effect to introduce
It is about how to draw an impressive background

In addition to using the perspective ruler
Use Filter > Transform > Fisheye Lens
You can distort after drawing, but if there is a line drawing
Because the line also has strength and weakness
depending on what you want to draw
It is better to use different methods

Now let's draw an illustration using the fisheye lens effect.
I prepared the base for the background

The theme of the illustration is
A girl exploring a city covered in thick fog

To make the background more impressive
I will add neon and fog

Finished with fine adjustments such as color correction



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