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hello everyone
What I will explain this time
About what you can do with vector layers
Content for beginners

This is a characteristic of vector layers.
I will explain about the line correction tool

Control point > Move control point
Drag the control point

Control point > Add control point
A line is added by clicking on a place other than the control point

Control point > Delete control point
Deleted by clicking the control point

Control point > Switch corner
Click the control point to switch between corners and smooth curves

Control point > Line width correction
Dragging the control point left or right changes the line width.

Control point > Density correction
Drag the control point left or right to change the density

Control point > cut line
Click on a line to split it into two

vector line knob
You can pinch and transform vectors and ruler lines

vector line simplification
You can simplify the control points of vectors and rulers to make them easier to operate.

vector line connection
Connect lines whose ends are close to each other or overlap to form a single line

line width correction
Vector line width can be adjusted later

Re-draw vector lines
You can partially redraw the shape of a vector or ruler line

Redraw vector line width
Vector line widths can be partially redrawn

Since the explanation of the function is over,
using vector layers
I will draw illustrations

It was completed
Thank you for reading this far
How was the content of this commentary?
I hope that this explanation was of some help to you.



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