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"The mystery of the mysterious undersea world" 🌊 🔍 🐚

This work contains the secrets and riddles of the mysterious underwater world that we do not know about. The various life forms and beautiful natural phenomena found under the sea are depicted, stimulating our imagination. Immerse yourself in the mystery of the undersea world by viewing this work! 🌊 🔍 🐚 🐠 🌴 🎨 ✨ 🌈 🌟


Clip Studio is a powerful tool for image editing. Using the layer function, you can conveniently add color, and use various brush tools to create creative works.


One. Utilizing the layer function: Layers are a function that allows you to work by overlapping images. This allows you to easily modify or adjust the color or design. For example, you can divide the background, portrait, and shadow into separate layers and easily apply the desired color to each.


2. Use the Brush Tool: Clip Studio provides a variety of brush tools. You can use various brush styles, including pen, brush, pencil, and airbrush, to create the desired effect. Experiment with different painting styles by adjusting brush size, flow, opacity, and more.


3. Color combinations and gradients: Color is an important element in conveying the mood and emotions of a work. Clip Studio allows you to select and combine various colors. You can also use the gradient tool to create smooth color transitions or add depth to your drawing.


4. Use reference images: It's a good idea to use reference images when creating new work. Get inspired by other works or photos and create your own creations in Clip Studio. By referring to reference images, you can more accurately implement colors, engravings, hues, etc.


5. Experiment and practice: Clip Studio lets you experiment and practice with a variety of tools and features. Develop your own creative process by trying out new effects, styles, and techniques. Consistent practice and exploration allows you to create richer and more creative works.


Clip Studio is a very useful tool for drawing and image editing. Create your own creations using a variety of functions and tools. Don't forget to keep challenging yourself and improving to create great work!





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