I will introduce the reasons why you can't draw hands well.




Hey! everyone!

How have you been?

I'm sure he was doing a good job of drawing the illustrations.

Of course, I was also actively drawing!



Can you draw hands well?

Sometimes I can't draw hands as well as I would like, so I was observing my hands while bending the fingers, and realized the reason why I couldn't draw hands properly.


I mistakenly thought that the red line on the hand, which is also displayed in the thumbnail, meant that the fingers were bent.

What do you think? Didn't you all think that your fingers could bend from that part?

Maybe it’s just me 😅



Please try bending your fingers while looking at the palm of your hand.

I'm sure the curve starts from the red line in the illustration above.


As I mentioned earlier, I am aware that the bend starts from the wrong point, and because of this, there is an error in the "finger length" when bending the finger, and the illustration of the hand is different from the image. had been created.


The error is especially affected when drawing the hand from the side.


What do you think? I hope it was helpful to you.


If you find this explanation difficult to understand, I have posted a video on YouTube, so please check it out.


In that case, I think it will be easier to understand if you set the "automatic translation" to your native language and watch it.

Thank you for watching until the end.


As with anything, illustrations have a lot of depth.

This is it! Even if you think so, it's actually different.

The way each person draws is also different.


I'm also doing a survey about illustrations on my YouTube channel's community.

For example, "When you draw illustrations, do you draw on an LCD tablet or a board tablet?" or "What was difficult about drawing illustrations on a board tablet?" We conduct questionnaires such as `Line drawing'', Coloring'', `It wasn't difficult'', etc.

Please participate if you like.


We look forward to seeing you all again next time!

see you!



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