Introducing functions that people who use board tablets should definitely learn




Hey! everyone!

How have you been?

The world is dark, but I'm still drawing!


By the way, what do you all use when drawing your illustrations?

I draw on a board tablet

I really want to draw on an LCD tablet, but I don't have the budget 😅


Therefore, this time, we will introduce TIPS for those who use board tablets.


I think one of the problems when drawing illustrations on a board tablet is that you can't draw long lines neatly.


I draw lines for the legs, etc. by stopping the line midway, moving the screen, and adding another line from where I stopped.

Therefore, it is very difficult to draw lines neatly such as curved lines.

That was the problem I had when drawing illustrations using a board tablet.


That's when I came up with the idea of drawing an illustration using the "Bezier curve" that I often introduce.


Bezier curves are useful because you can draw long lines neatly.


I often hear that Bezier curves are difficult to use.


Therefore, the video also introduces how to use Bezier curves, so I think it will be helpful for beginners who are using board tablets and have the same problem.

Please take a look


When watching, please set "automatic translation" to your native language for a deeper understanding.

Thank you for watching till the end

A lot of things are happening

Don't give up on drawing illustrations

I won't give up either


We look forward to seeing you all again next time!



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