Auto action to insert a white layer between the person and the background




Placing a person on top of a background or creating an image that spans multiple frames can be easily done by inserting a white layer between the layer below.

Use this auto action set.


▪︎White Layer Creation Set

This is an auto action that creates a layer with a pink layer color and then converts it to white later.

By first making the parts you want to make white pink,

you can also quickly erase the parts you don't want to make white, saving you time.

How to use auto actions

When you execute "New White Layer," a layer with the layer color pink will be created.

Move below the person layer and first roughly fill in the areas you want to make white using Lasso Select + Fill or something similar.

Use the bucket tool + transparent to erase any excess parts.

You can also erase small details by clicking, clicking, with the bucket tool.

When you're done painting, execute the "Convert to white" auto action.

The pink layer color will become white, and the layer name will change to "white."

Check out the process in the video

By using layer colors, you can work with two drawing colors, black and transparent. (You don't need to set the drawing color to white to create a white layer.)

Try using it as a way to save time.


*The background in the example uses material from ClipStudioOfficial.


Inside the station_Ticket gate



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