Panelling Tips for Making Webtoon




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Webtoon is a vertical comic that gives readers a cinematic impression because readers only see one panel at a time, unlike traditional comics which contain many panels on one page.

Therefore, creators must plan an exciting reading experience by controlling the pacing of the story through the placement of the panels.

Keep in mind that most webtoon readers use mobile devices rather than computers. Therefore, we can focus on making this panel appear comfortable for mobile device readers.

Important points for making panels on webtoons:


1. Readers will scroll through your webtoon, therefore, try to only present a maximum of two panels on the screen displayed.

2. Ideally, one panel should contain no more than three dialogues.



3. Vary the width, shape, and size of panels to show important scenes and their impact.

4. The distance between panels is at least 250 px, but provide a longer distance, around 1000 px, to indicate time changes.



5. Set the text to be easy to read and of sufficient size, and provide motion effects and sound effects in each panel to have a more impactful impact on readers.

Now, we apply this knowledge to create a webtoon.

Clip Studio makes it very easy for users to create panels. Just select the frame border sub tool, and you can create panels according to your sketch. The frame created will be immediately masked and you don't need to worry about the line art going outside the boundaries of your frame.

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