September 2019

Tips of the Month

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Out of the Tips posted between September 2 - September 31, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

For the fifth TIPS of the Month, we asked our users to submit their tips on “Monsters & Creatures,” “Textures,” and “Printed goods.” An ever popular motif, we saw many TIPS on how to draw unique monsters & creatures, and had a fun time reading each entry. For textures, many TIPS focused on how to make good use of analog materials, and there were many easy-to-follow TIPS on how to create stickers and postcards for printing. The submission for October’s TIPS of the Month has already started! We are looking forward to seeing your entries!

Gold Award

  1. In this creature tutorial, Nadia shows gives us a detailed look into how to combine multiple animals into a single creature. The newly created creature is very cute as well, and is a great example of how fun this method can be.
  2. Using Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Illustrator, Yunuyei demostrates how to create a print-ready sticker sheet. The TIPS introduces how to create sticker outlines and cut lines in detail, and is perfect for first-time sticker makers.
  3. ED.
    Have you ever wanted to print your own postcards but don't know where to start? If so, this TIPS is for you! Ed highlights points you need to know when working with a printing company, Clip Studio Paint settings for printing, and tips and tricks when creating the pattern itself, along with plenty of explanatory images. While the example is a postcard, the techniques can be used for a wide range of printed materials.

Silver Award

  1. With an impressive angler fish-like creature, this TIPS makes full use of Clip Studio Paint's functions, with a symmetrical ruler to draw the front view, and a custom brush for the scales.
  2. A unique entry, this TIPS shows how to make a scary monster cute and kawaii! Simplified characters are suited for icons and printed materials, making this tutorial a perfect way to show off your characters to the world!
  3. With an amazingly drawn creature as an example, this TIPS is a step-by-step introduction of character design. By understanding how this interesting creature was created, readers can learn skills that they can use for your own designs.
  4. Using three types of monsters as an example, the TIPS explains the concept stage of design as well as the actual shapes and colors. In the production stage, the article makes good use of Clip Studio Assets materials to texture the creatures.
  5. Learn how Crosnics created a frog-like creature in this step-by-step tutorial. As the TIPS progresses, you can see the creature come to life with lighting and color effects, and learn how they do with detailed expalnations on brushes, color correction, blending modes, and more!
  6. Taking a theme-based approach, this TIPS considers the design of a monster from the settings, and a general idea of the shape. We recommend this article for first-time creature designers.
  7. Starting from analogue lines, this TIPS gives an easy-to-understand explanation of the coloring process. As it goes into detail for each part including skin, eyes, and jewelry, we think this is a good tutorial for beginners.
  8. ED.
    In addition to textures and original brushes, learn how to use Clip Studio Paint functions such as 3D drawing figures and mesh deformations to create a analog style mural. The process of adding various effects was very interesting.

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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5th theme(September 2-30, 2019)
  1. Theme 01

    Monsters & Creatures #Monster
    Introduce your design process for turning fictional creatures into realistic and compelling drawings, as well as drawing methods for details such as feathers, hair, and skin texture. Share your techniques that fully utilize Clip Studio Paint’s features!
  2. Theme 02

    Textures #Texture
    Show how to use textures to improve the quality of a work. Introduce image combining techniques and tips on how to create original texture brushes using hand-drawn materials.
  3. Theme 03

    Printed goods #Printing
    Show how to print items such as books, art prints, postcards or other original products. Cover the entire process from creating the work in Clip Studio Paint to finalizing it for print. Be sure to include any tips you might have for creating printed goods.