Texture expression using brushes and effects


Hello, In this tutorial, we will introduce a procedure that can be easily express the texture of monsters using the tool of Clip Studio Paint.

Prepare a monster that gives effect.

The first is a monster painted with a bucket.

① Add a new layer and clip.
② Change to overlay.

Use a pattern brush

③ Apply the whole pattern using the pattern brush “Uroko Brush”.


④ When you finish painting, select “Combine with the lower layer” to merge the layers.

Using the filter effect

Here are some very useful image plugins.
"Color unevenness" filter.
Color unevenness of various effects can be generated.
It can be downloaded for free from the CLIP STUDIO plug-in store.

Select [Filter (I)] → [Effect (G)] → [Color unevenness (H)].

A menu for adjusting the value appears.

Adjusted values from hue to alpha unevenness.
Click OK when you are done.

It became quite monster-like.

Depending on the adjustment of the brush and filter, you can expect various effects.
Thank you for watching to the end.


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