How to draw monsters for a children book?



So you will need this brush:

And... some rough chalk, stippling, texture or splatter brushes!


It doesn't matter which size you will choose but try to draw on A5 size (1748 x 2480px) or bigger.

But you must draw on "color" canvas and 300DPI or bigger.


I have my inspiration from geometrical figures - but your inspiration can be from everywhere! Start at things you have at home and try to draw monsters even from myths!

But don't draw your shapes as 3D! Kids don't like it!


Your anatomy doesn't have to be perfect.

Look at this:

And now at this:

And I added here a full skeleton:

I drew it with basic knowledge about felines and birds. All I needed was a cat skull photo from Wikipedia and a bird photo.

It doesn't have to be real,

It has to be funny for kids to see.

Some basics about shading

For shading, I use rough chalks, stippling brushes, textures or splatters
on a clipping layer.

Why on clipping?

It looks like this with clipping:

And like this without:

See the difference now?

And never shade with black! And never highlight with white!

Instead of this lets shade with other color and highlight with other color...

And always remember: light can be in other colors, too!

Never use too muddy or too bright colors! And always remember about shading!


And remember: ideas are inexhaustible!


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