July 2023

Tips of the Month

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The themes this time were How to Draw Hands, How to Use Color Mixing, and Illustrations with Constellation Motifs. We are now accepting submissions for August's themes and looking forward to your posts!

Out of the Tips posted between July 4, 2023 to July 31, 2023, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

Video Award

  1. This video tutorial carefully introduces the process of creating a starry sky animation with Clip Studio Paint. It shows how to use the animation functions in an easy-to-understand manner to make the countless stars in the sky sparkle and shoot across it. We also recommend this tutorial to those who want to create moving illustrations.

Gold Award

  1. This is the perfect Tips with robust content that covers all the knowledge necessary for drawing hands. Due to its abundance of illustrations, its explanations are easy to grasp. It also shows in detail how to use Clip Studio Assets to assist in drawing hands, making it useful for all who are struggling to draw hands.

Silver Award

  1. This article breaks down and explains the structure of the hand and how to draw it, and it is a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to be able to draw hands well. Its content is easy to understand intuitively through anatomy-based explanations and visual examples. Additionally, it also teaches the importance of improving your observation skills to, in turn, improve your art.
  2. We recommend this tutorial when you want to learn how to draw hands in a short period of time. The text was short and easy to understand, with plenty of illustrations on capturing the shapes and characteristics of the hand. We especially thought the anatomical breakdown of how to capture the muscles and fleshy parts of the hand in 3D was excellent.
  3. This article explains the settings and effects of color mixing. The animated GIFs showing how each setting applies to brushstrokes, making each effect easy to understand, could only be explained by someone with good drawing skills. We also enjoyed watching the video introducing the color mixing settings while the turtle character was being colored.
  4. This Tips introduces a how-to process of basic hand drawing. In addition to the joints and other parts of the hand, it also covers gender, age, and other characteristics. The video, while short at eight minutes, was detailed and wonderful, with proper explanations throughout.
  5. If you want to master drawing hands using Clip Studio Paint, just read this Tips, which presents a considerable volume of detailed explanations from hand basics to hand expression. It shows how to use 3D hand models, the hand scanner, and how to draw the structure of the hand and various hand poses.
  6. This article explains the features of the new Perceptual mixing mode added from Clip Studio Painting Ver. 2. It carefully explains everything from how to switch modes to color mixing, and the color mixing chart is especially wonderful. Why not use this tutorial and experience realistic and vivid drawing, just like with real-life traditional mediums?

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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