Different ways to create a constellation illustration




Hey guys in this tutorial I'm going to talk about few ways you can create a constellation themed illustration.

A constellation is a group or pattern of stars that appears to form a recognizable shape or figure when observed from Earth. People throughout history have identified and named these star patterns, often associating them with mythology and culture. Basically, it's a group of stars that when connected together to form a recognizable pattern.

In this tutorial I'm going to talk about various ways or tricks to create an illustration based on constellations. And also, how we can convert any illustration into this theme just by adding a few elements into the illustration.

Adding stars :

One of the easiest ways to convert any illustration into constellation themed is to add stars. Constellations are formed by "connecting the dots" - drawing lines to link specific stars and form recognizable shapes.


So, when you draw these linked stars anywhere in your illustration it automatically makes the illustration follow the vibe. Super easy but very prominent

For example

To give your artwork a true constellation theme, one of the most common places the star is drawn is the night sky background.

Fill your canvas with night sky and add these scattered stars . While also placing some stars intentionally to create a pattern .



You can either draw these star or they're available on CSP assets. You can find a variety of stars there .



Likewise not just in the sky we can add these stars anywhere to give the illustration the constellation theme for example



Imagine you have a regular illustration, like a picture of a person, an animal, or any other object. To turn it into a constellation-themed illustration, you can add stars in various places, like the clothing, or even hair of the subject.



Sprinkle stars in the hair of characters to emphasize the constellation theme. i made the hair color blue to represent the night sky.



Or even by adding these stars in the dress



Zodiac Elements:

Zodiac signs are closely connected to constellations in the night sky. Each zodiac sign is associated with a specific constellation that carries symbolic meanings and characteristics. When you depict your character with Capricorn horns, you're visually representing the Capricorn zodiac sign and indirectly tying your character to the Capricorn constellation in the sky.



Integrate zodiac elements into your character design, such as giving them zodiac-inspired accessories or traits.



Each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific constellation in the night sky

Taurus is connected to the Taurus constellation, and so on. These constellations are groups of stars that form recognizable shapes.

When you incorporate zodiac elements into your character design, you can create a constellation themed illustration art. It's like giving your character special traits based on the zodiac signs, which are related to constellations in the sky. Let's see how this works:



For example : we can draw a character with scale weighting to indicate the Libra sign .



Or a character with a bow and arrow to indicate Sagittarius .

By giving your character Capricorn horns, you are infusing her with these specific cosmic traits, further connecting her to the essence of the Capricorn constellation.



In summary, incorporating zodiac signs into your character design, such as giving your girl character Capricorn horns, creates a direct link between your character and the corresponding zodiac constellation. It symbolically connects your character to the cosmic world, making your illustration constellation themed.


One of the easiest and most commonly used trick to give your artwork that constellation, horoscope, mythology vibe is to add golden frame.



The golden frame can be designed in a way that complements the theme of constellations. It can have intricate patterns resembling stars, constellations, or other celestial motifs.

In summary, incorporating golden stylized frames into your illustration elevates its visual appeal, adds a touch of celestial elegance, and symbolically connects your artwork to the concept of constellations and the wonders of the night sky. It creates a sense of reverence and timelessness, making your illustration feel like a precious depiction of the cosmos, perfectly complementing the constellation-themed aestheti


You can create these frame by yourself using the tools like ruler and scale available in CSP .



But they're also available in the CSP assest. Just search the frame and you will get hundreds of results . You just have to download the one you like . Drag and drop them on to the canvas .



Especially if you're doing a mythological art , frame is the best kind of elements to add to your illustration to get that constellation theme.



Color palette

One tip that can will actually bring the theme out and will make or break the illustration is choosing a proper color palette.


Theres alot of color and each color gives out a different theme , like red and black are associated with horror theme . Greens are associated with earth and nature



So when we're drawing a constellation themed illustration it's better to choose

Cosmic Colors: Choose a color palette that reflects the night sky, with deep blues, purples, and shimmering golds and silvers.



These color represent that mystical and magical aura that a constellation themed illustration requires.



To give you an example i have two illustration in different color palette. One is drawn with different colors even has the the stars to represent constellation but when you look at it . It doesn't really look constellation themed rather look a random illustration with stars .



But here's an Another one that has that cosmic color palette. Automatically looking at it you know which one is constellation themed .this illustration has that mythical essence and mystical vibe .

Remember you can absolutely go out of these color but try to keep these cosmic color as main .




Here a tip on how to make the theme prominent. Simple yet a powerful tip is to make it glow.

Glowing effects are like the celestial fairy dust that sprinkles magic over your artwork.


captivating viewers with their dreamlike allure. Just remember, moderation is key. Subtle glows enhance the overall atmosphere without overpowering the artwork. By artfully incorporating these glowing effects, your illustration will evoke a sense of awe and wonder, immersing the audience in the magical world of constellations and the night sky.



To give you an example : i have an illustration here it has the constellation theme. but what can we do more to make it actually look magical and beautiful.



Add glow . As soon as we add glow to the elements it's magical it's more mysterious it has that vibe that any constellation illustration should have .



you can add glow wherever you want but be sure to make the stars glow. its super easy to add the glow effect. for example:


if i want to make the stars glow ill just copy paste the stars, then go to blending mode and change it to add (glow).

then go to filter [menu] > blur > gaussian blur and increase the strength of the blur and click on ok.

adding blur will make the glow effect more visually prominent.

Symbolic Objects:

Another easy way to indulge the constellation theme into your illustration is to Include symbolic objects like telescopes or ancient celestial maps in the artwork.

These symbolic tools of discovery invite viewers to gaze into the stars and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.



You can add alot of props like planets globe , books on stars , map scrolls etc

These objects can serve as visual cues to the rich lore and wisdom surrounding the constellation


Basically, objects that are related to constellations. adding these objects into your illustration will give the illustration overall astrology, star glazing, star studying vibe. As if you’re character is using these objects to study constellations.

In this tip you can directly or indirectly showcase the theme . Either you can make it clear and big by drawing a big celestial map , placing a telescope in the centre of illustration .



Or you can make it look indirect constellation themed illustration by placing these magical scrolls , constellation books in random places like this .



Either way it will look constellation themed illustration




Another way to create a illustration based of constellation theme is to draw character persona based on constellations star or elements around it like clouds , moon , etc



Even constellation has its own meaning and characteristics behind it. Like a Pegasus constellation is a horse with feathers.

We can create a illustration where a character is riding a Pegasus, or we can create a character with white wings.


Or we have create a persona of elements around the star like the cloud, planet etc. We can draw a beautiful character with cloud elements and draw stars around her to indulge the constellation theme.



likewise you can choose any element to draw a constellation themed illustration .

and that is all the way / tips to create different constellation themed illustration. i hope you find this tutorial useful.



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