Adding Elements to the Sky!!

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Welcome to this Art Tip! Today I’m going to share a video drawing this illustration with comments over the video. Subject is Sky and I’m trying to focus on how you can add Elements to your drawing by using SHAPES!

Even if you don’t have an idea of what to draw, the blank page will not be a factor anymore if you add random shapes. As they start to mix together, you will find places to add light and shadow and the indescribable shape will turn into clouds, trees, rocks, building and so forth.
Hope you like it!

More Information

This is the size of the document, regular A5 with 300 dpi. You can use 72 if you want (for web only).

There are default gradients to paint the sky. You can change the colors with hue saturation and color balance. Also, you can create your own gradient for the sky. If you’re starting, it is nice to keep everything in different layers.

Example: One for the Background, one for the clouds, one for grass, etc.

The cloud is a mix between brushes. A hard Solid brush to define a shape with clear borders, a soft brush for transitions and a texture brush to add details and randomness.

You can use any brush you want for details, because you can always color pick colors around your drawing to redraw over and over.
I like to keep it simple, with small details over the shape, like these other examples.

A good starting point is to divide your drawing in three planes (it can be more, as you go).

To this drawing, the darker tone is on the front and it gets lighter as it moves towards the back. Two new tones are added later like you can see in this image.

Layer masks and clipping masks can make a huge difference, especially to add colors to elements with soft edges, like these gradients.

And this is the final image. I really hope this short tutorial can help you to make your own drawings. Have a nice day.



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